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The Su-27 is a multi-purpose all-weather fighter of the Soviet, and later Russian production. It is highly maneuverable flying machine of the fourth generation, developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau for the total air superiority. The project worked at different times such designers: NS Chernyakov, MP Simonov, AI Knyshev and AA Kolchin. The first OP soared in 1977 year, and five years later the Su-27 entered service of the country. This is the main military aircraft of Russian Air Force.


Since the end of 60-x, in various advanced countries began the race to create a multi-role fighters. The first attack of the USA, trying to create a continuation of the famous F-4C «Phantom." They became established firm "McDonnell Douglas» F-15 «Eagle». In the Soviet Union did not want to retreat and decided to give an adequate response in the form of PFI. Towards a new competitive projects made three OKB Sukhoi Institute did not participate. The engineers were busy going projects: Su-15, Su-17, Su-24, Su-25, T-4 and stowaways LA. But, beginning with 1969 years, engineers from OKB already faced with the development of aircraft such as the perspective of front-line fighter.

The project took into account many factors, not only the advantages of the conquest of the air, but also a factor of possible opponent - F-15. Also included tactics recognized at the time the melee maneuver type. In 72 year there were two scientific and technical meetings with representatives of Yakovlev, Sukhoi and Mikoyan. Representatives Mikoyan carried the proposal to establish the two fighters: light and heavy. Each of them had to perform different tasks.

sous-27 photo

Began construction of the first prototypes. T-10-1 - OP engines AL-21-F-ADA made its first flight in May 77 year as a test pilot Vladimir Ilyushin. The aircraft was tested for stability, handling and overall performance. The second prototype of the T-10-2, built in a year, came off for long. Once in pitching, construction collapsed because of the enormous congestion. Unfortunately, the test pilot Yevgeny Solovyov died.

T-10-3 developed taking into account the installation of AL-31F, but their unavailability led to the late first flight - 1979 year. The fourth prototype had installed the same experimental radar "Sword". At the end of the year 79 for trial operation were allowed three copies. Initial batch of aircraft was produced at the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. After some time, it was produced five Su-27-type T-105. They are, in addition to flight testing, began to test the service.

sous-27 photo boothssous-27 photo booths

In parallel with the development of the Su-27 received timely information about the F-15 American production. According to reports it became clear that the Soviet fighter considerably inferior overseas. These experiments showed that in 1976, the manufacturers of electronic equipment could not meet the scribed their weight and size limits. Radar did not meet all of the specified parameters. It was decided to design the aircraft from the beginning, not leading up to series production.

In the shortest time, a new prototype was constructed. T-10-1, manned by V.S. Ilyushin, took off in April 1981 year. Almost all nodes were constructed anew. The same thing affected the fuselage, for example, initially the wing of the first samples was similar to the MiG-29, and in the new T-10S it was given a trapezoid shape. The keels were mounted on the sides of the engines, the landing gear of the chassis was pushed back by three meters. Brake shields were first located at the bottom of the fuselage, in a new design they were placed behind the pilot's cabin. The cockpit lantern began to open upwards. Changed the contours of the nose. The number of knots for the suspension of rockets was increased from eight to ten.

sous-27 2 photo

Created a new aircraft not only inferior, but in some situations, and exceeded the overseas competitor. But the engineers did not stop there, as the fighter continues to undergo modernization.

The mass production of the T-10S hit the 1981 year. To him also began to mass-produce the engines AL-31F factories MMPP "Salut" in Moscow and Ufa MPO. The Soviet Air Force planes began delivering in 1982 year. A formal decision of the Government adopted the Su-27 23 entered August 1990 years. During the adoption of the Air Force plane named Su-27S and called in air defense interceptor (Su-27P). It is not used as assault aircraft.

The glider is designed according to an integrated scheme of the aerodynamic type. Wings smoothly mate with the fuselage and form a solid supporting body. They are swept - 42 degrees. Aerodynamic characteristics have improved due to the equipped root sags of the big sweep and deflected socks. The influxes helped to increase aerodynamics at super-speed. On the wing are flaperons, responsible for the simultaneous execution of the functions of flaps and ailerons. The feathering of the horizontal type consists of a one-piece stabilizer. It, in turn, includes two deflected consoles. In a symmetrical position, they perform the function of elevator height, and control over the core in the differential.

sous-27 photo swifts

The airframe consists of bow, middle and rear fuselage. The nose is presented in the form of semi-monocoque, the average includes two tank compartment Garrott, right and left of center compartments. To the rear of the nacelle are central tank and the tail boom.

The total weight is reduced by extensive use of titanium - about 30%. Practically not used composite materials. Most modifications horizontal tail often set ahead. This aircraft is the first production aircraft of Soviet production with the presence of wire control system in the longitudinal channel. FBWCS has a maximum speed and precision that solves the problem of rapid reaction during flight.

sous-27 photo

The modifications of the Su-27

  • Su-30 - multi-role fighter, designed for a crew of two.

  • Su-33 - carrier-based fighter. In it there is a hook for emergency braking.

  • Su-34 - bomber used in the assault operations.

  • Su-35 - Fighter wide military applications.

  • Sioux 27S - single-seat fighter-interceptor (AL-31F).

  • Sioux 27SK - export instance produced with 1991 years. Armament - P and P-27-73.

  • Sioux 27SM - a more refined version of the aircraft. The presence of SUV-SUV-27E and Vash.

  • Sioux 27SM3 - designed 12 machines. AL-31F-M1.

  • Sioux 27SKM - export version of the Su-27SM.

  • Sioux 27P - fighter-interceptor designed for one pilot. It is used exclusively for air defense.

  • Sioux 27UB - two-seat fighter combat training character.

  • Sioux 27UBK - export version.

  • Sioux 33UB - carrier-based fighter, designed for military exercises.

  • Modifications of the Ukrainian manufacture: 27UB1M Su-Su-27UP1M, 27S1M Su-Su-27P1M.


One of the main domestic front-line fighter, meets all the requirements for this class of aircraft. The first flight of a fighter plane made a test pilot VS Ilyushin 20 May 1977 At 2000 760 was released, the Su-27. Powerplant: two dual-circuit turboprop engine with afterburner thrust AL-31F of 12 500 kg.


Su-27 photo

Su-27 photo


The performance characteristics of frontline Su-27

  • Wingspan, m 14,7

  • Wingspan with guided missiles R-73E on consoles, m 14,95

  • Length of the plane (without the rod receiver

  • air pressure), m 21,94

  • Aircraft height, m ​​5,93

  • The height of the Su-27UB m 6,36

  • Wing area, m2 62,04

  • Take-off weight, kg: maximum 28

  • Takeoff weight, kg: normal 23 000

  • Empty weight Aircraft kg 16 300

  • Mass of fuel in domestic tanks, kg 9400

  • Combat load, maximum, kg 4000

  • Maximum speed, km / h: Su-27 2500

  • Speed, maximum, km / h: Su-27 UB 2125

  • Ground speed maximum, km / h 1400

  • Practical ceiling, m: 18 500

  • Service ceiling, m Su-27 UB: 17 250

  • Dynamic ceiling, m 24

  • Rate of climb maximum, km / h 300 m / s

  • Practical range, km: Su-27 3900

  • Practical range, km: Su-27UB 3000

  • Practical range land, km 1400


Su-27 scheme

Su-27 scheme



  • load mass is, kg 6000-8000

  • Type of weapons: gun GSH-301 (30 mm caliber);

  • Ten missiles average, increased and short range;

  • five containers of small loads;

  • six blocks rockets (caliber 80, 122 mm);

  • to 38 svobodnopadayuschie bombs.

  • There are other types of weapons.


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frontline fighter Su-27 was not. Fighter air superiority. as it was called, and in fact it is. tactical fighter - MiG-29.


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