Sioux 27M
Sioux 27M

The Su-27M. Photo. Story. Characteristics.


In 80-ies the idea to create a modified Model on the basis of the Su-27. Su-27 Initially conceived as a long-range interceptor for the Air Defense Forces and the Air Force, but later decided that the fighter is capable of more. Confirmation of the results of the tests began. They Su-27 far demonstrated the ability of the flight and the effective implementation of combat tasks.

Su-27M, according to the factory code number is listed as T-10M, a fighter created to obtain air superiority over the American counterparts F-15 and F-16. In the primary versions of the modification, the radar system of the radar-27, medium-range air-to-air missiles of the ARGS and special weapons for the destruction of ground targets were listed. Also, the equipment should include an upgraded navigation system and an on-board radio-electronic defense complex. Information about the purpose, location, range, manning, was carried to a widescreen and multifunctional screen with a simplified console. Additional information due to the collimator indicator moved to the background of the windshield.

Sioux 27M

Engineers of the Ministry of Health of the name of PO. Sukhoi began work immediately after the decision of the Commission of the Council of Ministers in December 83-th year. The robot was headed by the designer M.N. Simonov. The first design decisions concerned the use of an additional horizontal tail type, which had previously been tested on T-1024. In addition, the first stage of the development included the modification of the remote control system and the improvement of the refueling system during the flight, which were tested on T-10-2. To increase the range of the flight it was planned to install AL-31F engines and use suspended fuel tanks (under the wings) with capacity up to 2000 liters.

In 1985 prepared a preliminary draft of the future Su-27M. The main changes concerned the avionics. The composition of the main components included RCS-27, opto-electronic sighting complex navigation, radar opposing system, means of communication. The additional components included remote control system, instrument pointing device, control system, the defendant gosopoznovaniya and indication and registration. Almost all the complexes were calculated on the digital calculation.

Sioux 27M photo

The radar system included a small rear-view radar H012 and a mid-range front-view radar with a slit antenna (developed at NIIP Rassvet). H011 possessed an increased range of target detection and an area of ​​view of space in the air. Also contributed to targeting a large number of possible enemies and a simultaneous attack, mapping is inherent. New technical solutions adopted in the development of the radar were: - use of a broadband multi-mode transmitter with high efficiency, - installation of an input low-noise amplifier for microwave power, - digital processing of a radar signal, - use of a digital high-performance computing system. The rear view was provided by a circular view of the entire space. The rear surveillance radar was placed in the center of the tail boom of the fuselage.

RCS-27 provides:

  1. The application of pre-emptive strike against the enemy.

  2. Attack ground and sea targets outside the scope of air defense zone.

  3. The use of weapons on the target mode radar information.

  4. Making flying at low altitudes.

  5. Participation in gruppovoyoperatsii.

  6. Automation of all stages of flight combat use.

  7. Troubleshooting and automatic monitoring of all systems.

  8. Detection of typical air and ground targets with a range 200km.

  9. Simultaneous tracking of air targets in the rear hemisphere machine.

  10. The work in noisy environments.

The structure of the optical-navigation equipment includes PNA 10M, optical-location station OLS-27K, helmet-mounted target designation system "gap-ZOOM", angular velocity meter type and JMA IUSLU. Flight navigation system presented a digital calculator, SHS 2TS-y, altimeter RV-21, the system SPKR, the technical mechanism for short- and long-range navigation A-312 and A-723, equipment HVAC aircraft of A-315, speed Doppler, automatic radio complex CANCER-22, information complex vertical IR VC-80 and ACS-10M.

Sioux 27M photo

By airborne defense added a new electronic intelligence station, staging APT-50, teplopelengator missiles onboard computer control device, and jammer "Sorbatsiya."

Absolutely completely updated information and control field in the cockpit. It was set three multi-functional high-contrast monochrome Thermal imaging indicators such as a touch-tone frame and the indicator on the glass background. Electromechanical devices are responsible for duplicating functions, and their number has significantly decreased. Ejection seat found an increased inclination of the back, which helps alleviate the congestion tolerated during maneuvering.

Sioux 27M start

The number of air-to-air missiles has increased. Su-27M is capable of carrying 12 units. The aircraft also includes RVV-AE, 8 R-27 and R-27E missiles with ARGS, short-range R-73 missiles used in close maneuver combat, and GSN-301 cannon. To carry out combat operations related to land or sea targets, the aircraft can be equipped with air-to-surface missiles, namely X-29T - self-guided guided missiles with a television GSN, X-31P - anti-missile missiles with passive GPS. In sea battles the fighter is armed with X-31L anti-ship missiles and KAB-500Kr bombs of corrected type, unguided weapons - bombs, NAR and the like. The device is capable of carrying 16 bombs FAB-500M54, 36 bombs FLB-250M54, 12 bombs FAB-500M62, 48 bombs OFAB-100-120 and many others.

All the new equipment has increased the overall weight of the aircraft at 1500kg. Maximum weight of the aircraft during the flight with a full ammunition and tanks tucked reaches 34000kg. Because of this, it was necessary to strengthen the chassis and in general the entire structure.

The first copy of the aircraft began to gather in 1987 year. And in June, 88-year was made a test pilot OKB OG Tsoi first flight of the T-10M-1. Six months later, a second car experienced gathered in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Sioux 27M cabin

This aircraft became the base for the Su-35 and Su-37. 

Sioux 27M characteristics:

Wingspan 14,7 m (SD-R-73E on consoles-14,948 m)
Length of the plane (without rod LDPE) 21,935 m
Aircraft height 5,93 m (Su-27UB-6,357 m)
wing area 62,037 m2
Sweep angle of the wing leading edge 42 degree

Maximum speed at the height of 11000 m 2500 km / h (M = 2,35; Su 27UB - 2125 km / h)
Maximum speed at the ground 1380 km / h (M = 1,1)
Ceiling 18500 m 18500 m (Su 27UB - 17250 m)
Dynamic ceiling 24000 m
The maximum rate of climb 300 m / s
Tactical range 3680 km (Su 27UB- 3000 km)
Practical flight range near the ground 1370 km
The length of the run 450 m (Su-27UB - 750-800 m)
The length of the path without a braking parachute 700 m
The length of the path with a brake parachute 620 m (Su 27UB - 650-700 m)
Maximum steady overload 9
The maximum speed of the steady turning 17 deg / s
Maximum speed transient reversal 23 deg / s
Acceleration time from 600 speed km / h to speed 1100 km / h 15 with
Acceleration time from 1100 speed km / h to 1300 km / h 12,0 with