Bomber Su-34. A photo. History. Characteristics.


Su-34 is a bomber, which was designed in the Sukhoi Design Bureau. The development of this device was launched back in 80-ies of the last century. Chief designer of the project was assigned an experienced RG Martirosov, but it should also be noted MP Designer Simon, who has made great efforts to build the aircraft.

Su-34 scheme

With regard to the project Su-34, in the design office of this machine is designated as T-10V. The basis of this unit is intended to put the Su-27UB. According to the original project was planned to upgrade a large number of Su-27 aircraft, which eventually would lead to the emergence of a new modification.

Brief history of the emergence and testing of the Su-34

Designing a new car called the Su-34 it was completed at the beginning of the year 1990. After development began prototyping. The new car was created by alteration of training aircraft Su-27UB. It was equipped with all the equipment and parts of the design that the designers have thought. This work was carried out on aircraft plant Dry, workers replaced the bow, nacelle and air intakes.

Su-34 bomber

For the first time a converted machine to carry out his mission in the spring of the year 1991. Fighter-bomber Su-39 model was fully prepared winter 93 years. A year later, this car was presented to the public in Paris air show. The plans of manufacturers clearly seen the idea of ​​selling it on the world market, as at the international exhibitions she has an English abbreviation. Some machines are painted in colors of the sea, allowing you to use them over the waters and stir them on aircraft carriers.

Features Machine Su-34

In the design of the Su-39 the whole experience in the design of aircraft Sukhoi was taken into account, which allowed achieve such results. The cockpit is made as a monolithic armored capsule. In addition to the cabin, equipped with armor all vital systems and units, which increases the survivability of the machine. All aircraft armor has a mass almost 1,5 tons. To improve the survivability of aircraft equipped with active protection systems, which are the same as in the Su-27.

Su-34 cabin

To more effectively combat missions all processes operate a pilot and his assistant navigator. The cockpit quite comfortable and spacious, it can even become a full-length. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with a toilet and a special wardrobe for heating food. The cockpit is able to maintain a healthy microclimate, which allows flight at an altitude of 10 kilometers without the use of oxygen masks. All these systems are accompanied by the best performance car drivers, even during long flights, which can reach 10 hours.

The Su-34 was created to defeat both terrestrial and aquatic enemy objects. Furthermore, it is capable of hitting targets moving even of small size. As for aerial targets, the aircraft has the ability to destroy air targets at any time of the day or night in all weather conditions.

Program development and improvement of the Su-34 is the most promising, since the aircraft has excellent flight and tactical characteristics.

Design features bomber Su-34

This machine is designed as a longitudinal triplane, which has an integrated arrangement. Wings apparatus involve a machine housing for an integrated circuit. They have a trapezoidal shape, and the front edge of arrowhead shape. The tail of the plane is almost the same as in the previous version.

Su-34 front

The cabin has room for a pilot and a navigator, it is completely sealed and armored. The cabin has heating and air conditioning. For the best interaction between the pilots of their place nearby. Place the pilot set the left and navigator sitting on the right side on the board. To get into the cockpit, pilots climb through the gap to the front chassis on a special fold-up ladder.

The chassis is made of the aircraft on the type of cart and the wheels are located tandem method that improves the quality of the take-off from airfields that are ill-prepared. The front landing gear is controlled and is equipped with two wheels. All landing gear retracted when flying in the niche. Rear rack machines are equipped with braking systems.

The power plant of the aircraft is represented by two turbojet engines types, which are equipped with two reheat chamber. Engines such as AL-31, which are installed on the Su-34, develop capacity to 14 000 kg.

Su-34 photo

The fuel system is represented in this plane by three tanks in the middle of the fuselage: one in the middle of the center wing, and two more tanks are placed in the wing consoles. Fuel pumps, which are equipped with a fuel system, supply fuel to the engines, regardless of the location of the machine in the air. On the trains you can install additional suspension tanks, which, if necessary, can be dropped directly during the flight. As for the fuel system and the length of the flights, it should be noted that the aircraft is equipped with a refueling system right in the air. Refueling can be performed from similar Su-34 type aircraft or from tankers of the type IL-78.

Su-34 bottom

The aircraft is equipped with the latest navigation system integrated, which allows you to communicate with the satellite. the machine has a multi-CDS system for easier control. She is able to independently analyze congestion and angles of attack, and also carries out management of CHR and for all that effectively dampens all vibrations. The security system is so high-quality that can automatically avoid collisions with other objects or the ground.

Su-34 2 cabinSu-34 3 cabin

To solve the problems of combat aircraft is equipped with the latest generation avionics, it is almost fully automatic. All the system information, which are arranged on the board, arranged in a standalone version.

Su-34 characteristics:

Modification   Su-34
Wingspan, m   14.70
Aircraft Length m   22.00
Aircraft height   5.93
Takeoff weight, kg  
  normal   39000
  maximum   44360
engine's type   2 TRDF AL-35 (AL-31F)
Link unforced, kgf   X 2 14000
Maximum speed km / h  
  m at an altitude of 11000   1900 (M = 1.6)
  at sea level   1400
Practical range, km   4500
Combat range, km   600-1130
Practical ceiling, m   17000
Max. operation overload   7
Crew   2
Armament:   one 30 mm gun GSH-301 (180 ammo)
 Combat load - 8000 kg (normal - 4000 kg) on ​​12 suspension units:
 8 UR class air-to-air P-73;
 6 Air-to-Air-27RE or E;
 8 UR class air-to-air P-77 (RVV-AE);
 6 UR class air-surface X-29Т / L, X-25ML, C-25LD
 6 XR X-31P class air-radar or X-31А air-ship;
 1 multipurpose alpha alpha;
 3 XR X-59М;
 3 adjustable bombs KAB-1500L / TK;
 6 adjustable bombs KAB-500KR / L;
 3 bombs caliber 1500 kg, 16 bombs 500 kg, 36 software blocks B-250L) or 48 with C-100 missiles.


Warplanes of the USSR

a masterpiece of domestic aircraft industry !!!!!!

By the will of the service, I was enrolled in an air regiment, which began to develop this aircraft. The goals were global. It was necessary to understand the piloting and adjust the tactics to solve the tasks posed as effectively as possible. The aircraft is perfect for bombing ground or surface targets. The guidance system allows you to deliver accurate shots, using a diverse arsenal of bombs and missiles. And it is possible to strike without getting into the enemy's field of vision. For this, an air-to-surface missile is used. Moreover, the results that we achieved at the exercises, the bomber was able to repeat and in combat conditions in South Ossetia. During the operation "coercion to peace" the airplane proved to be the best. In addition to the bombing, Su-34 can deceive and support other aviation compounds, interfering with air defense systems. This option turns the bomber into a support aircraft that will allow to break through the enemy front line to inflict serious damage to enemy troops. In my opinion, Su-34 allows to retain the personnel of other combat arms, which is an important factor in conducting large-scale military operations, both on its own territory and on the territory of the enemy.

Most of all I liked the expression "air regiment". Are there ground regiments with the Su-34 in service?