Su-35 vs F-35: Iran will receive Russian Su-35s and start shooting down Israeli planes
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Su-35 vs F-35: Iran will receive Russian Su-35s and start shooting down Israeli planes

Su-35 vs F-35: Iran will receive Russian Su-35s and start shooting down Israeli planes

The purchase of Su-35 aircraft from Russia will significantly improve the capabilities of the Iranian Air Force, which previously had to rely on older fighter models to protect its airspace. This is all happening against the backdrop of an expected large-scale armed conflict between Israel, the United States and Iran.

Russian Su-35 in Iran

Iran is reportedly set to receive its first batch of Su-35 jets from Russia in the coming week, significantly boosting its ability to counter possible air attacks from adversaries such as Israel amid a growing standoff between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

Su-35 fighters for Iran

According to the government news agency Student News Network (SNN), Tehran will receive the first of 24 Su-35 aircraft.

Iranian Air Force

This purchase of aircraft from Russia is a significant boost for the Iranian Air Force, which currently operates models such as the MiG-29, as well as US-made aircraft such as the F-5, F-4 Phantom and F-14 Tomcat that were purchased before the Islamic revolution of 1979.

It is expected that by the end of spring, Iran will be able to get 12 Su-35 fighters into service, which will give it the ability to successfully shoot down Israeli fifth-generation F-35 fighters.

Iran will receive Russian S-400s

Last week, The Washington Post, citing informed sources, reported that Russia will soon provide Iran with advanced air defense systems, such as the S-400 Triumph. The exact number of air defense systems being transferred has not been announced, however. We are talking about at least one regimental set. In all likelihood, this will also happen in the coming weeks.

SAM S-400 "Triumph"

It is noted that the transfer of Su-35 aircraft to Iran is likely a “payment” for Iran’s assistance to Russia, including with regard to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Tensions between Russia and Israel

Tensions with Russia are growing in Israel, causing serious concern among the country's political and public leadership. The call by Russia's permanent representative to the UN to impose sanctions against Israel for violating Security Council resolutions is seen as the beginning of a new stage in the deterioration of bilateral relations.

In addition, the strengthening of ties between Russia and Iran, as well as the lack of criticism of Iran after its attacks on April 14, aggravates the situation. Israel pays special attention to Russia's rhetoric, fearing a possible hardening of its position in light of the ongoing conflict.

It is important to note that the reason for Iran's strikes on Israel was an attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria. In Israel they are trying to put pressure on the fact that Moscow did not condemn the actions of Hamas after the attack on Israel, but it is important to note that Russia advocated a diplomatic solution to the crisis that has been going on since last year, but Israel completely ignored this, which led to the worsening of the situation.

Israeli strike on Iranian consulate in Syria

Russian weapons in Iran

The supply of Su-35 fighters to Iran and S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems can radically change the situation, as this will allow Iran to shoot down Israeli aircraft, in the event of a conflict, even before they reach missile launch positions.

However, Israel has a clear advantage in the number of F-35 fighters, but active interaction between Tehran and Moscow will reduce this advantage within 1,5-2 years.

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