Sukhoi Su-38. Photo. Story. Characteristics.


The Su-38 is an agricultural machine, which was developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau to facilitate agricultural work, namely it is made for spraying chemical liquids and solids for fertilizer or soil pest control. Sukhoi Design Bureau designed the first plane of this type before it is engaged in manufacturing of military and sports planes. To date, the aircraft such as Su-38 no longer manufactured.

Design features of the Su-38

The aircraft is designed for the type of freely carrying monoplane, which controls one pilot. On the wings of the lower arrangement is hung standard equipment that produces spraying chemicals. Spray System is made by the American firm, and has the name "Translend." But 2002 years started to equip the aircraft spray system, which is designed in the Sukhoi design bureau. The new system is inexpensive and does not yield to the American counterpart.


To reduce the weight of the machine designers have used a large number of composite materials that enhance the vitality of the device and are reasonably high rigidity body. In addition, these materials will improve comfort, fire safety, corrosion resistance of the device.

The entire construction of the Su-38 is thought out by designers in sufficient detail. The aircraft has many systems that contribute to increased safety, since this farm machine operates at very low altitudes, which increases the percentage of accidents. Due to the fact that the machine works mainly at an altitude from 1 to 15 meters, there is a danger of collision with trees or poles and power lines. The global accident statistics show that more 70% of accidents in agricultural aircraft are due to collisions with objects located on the ground.

To improve the safety of the pilot, the pilot's cabin is equipped with a special skeleton, which will not allow the car body to crumple and damage the pilot. Also, the cockpit is equipped with an armchair that absorbs shocks during an emergency landing. In front of the windshield of the cabin there is a special metal bump stop that prevents impacts of branches or other objects. The bumper of the machine is connected by a cable with the tail part of the machine, namely the keel. This cable allows you to transfer through the device wires of lines that can get in the way of the machine. The cockpit is completely sealed, which avoids the entry of chemicals into the body of the pilot during fieldwork. The air enters the cockpit after it passes through the filtration system, and is clean, non-hazardous.


Aircraft of this type has 3 thousand flight hours or 10 years of operation. This was achieved due to the fact that all components of the machine design are made through computer analysis and modeling.

In addition to the initial version of the aircraft as an agricultural machine, Su-38 can also be used in other assignments. But almost all the machines are intended for use in the field.

Characteristics of the aircraft Su-38

This farm machine was equipped with a Czech-made engine that gave power in 235 horsepower. The engine is single-row, which includes 6 cylinders. This power plant was cooled by air during the flight. The engine propelled the propeller, which consisted of three blades, it changed the pitch of the rotation during the flight. The positive quality of this engine can be called that it works on gasoline, which is much cheaper than jet fuel and is much more common. Also, during operation for 3-4 years, the aircraft needs minor repairs and adjustments due to the reliability of this power plant.

Su-38 photo

The aircraft is equipped with a tricycle landing gear, tail stand - casters. All gear wheels are braking system, which controls the hydraulic unit. With regard to the fuel system, it is represented by two fuel tanks which are placed in the caisson system. They can fill 130 liters of fuel. The machine is made mechanics, only the elevator is equipped with electric drive and all mechanical flaps.

For more efficient use of agricultural work aircraft equipped with the system of GPS-navigation.

The Su-38 is equipped with outboard equipment, which consists of a tank of chemicals, and the bar with nozzles. Tank chemicals can be removed. As to the spray bars, it is fastened to the pylons and wings also can be removed if necessary. To remove these systems and customize them to another type of spray chemicals will only have half an hour. When filling the tank chemicals contact personnel to hazardous substances completely excluded.

Su-38 photo

To date, the project is actively developing. Aircraft such as Su-38 is popular among customers because it is reliable and cheaper to maintain. This project is quite new aircraft, since only his first flight of the Su-38 2001 carried out in the year.

Su-38 characteristics:

Modification   Su-38
Wingspan, m   11.53
Length m   8.10
Height, m   2.66
Weight, kg  
  empty   1050
  maximum take-off   2100
Fuel l   210
engine's type   1 PD M-14P (M-337)
Power, hp   1 x 360 (207)
Maximum speed km / h   300
Cruising speed, km / h   220
Working speed, km / h   150-180
Practical range, km   800
Practical ceiling, m  
Max. operation overload   4.4
Crew   1
Payload:   tank for chemicals volume 1050 l. or xnumx l.


Russian Aircraft

Sukhoi Design Bureau is best known for its military development, but designers and engineers have also created aircraft for civil aviation. One of the bold, original and ambitious projects was the creation of an aircraft capable of speeding up and simplifying the work of people leading agriculture on an industrial scale. To this end, the design bureau of the Su-38 - a plane with a tank for chemicals with an 500 liters volume and the possibility of installing any spray equipment - was launched in the design bureau. The airplane is made mainly of composite materials, which provides it with ease and proper safety, as well as a satisfactory flight time with low fuel costs. For this class of aircraft, protection from harmful substances entering the cockpit is inherent. At Su-38, to achieve this goal, it is used inflatable with excessive pressure. Since this aircraft flies at a very low altitude, there is a risk of collision with obstacles, for example with a pole, so from below the cockpit of the pilot is equipped with an additional rigidity frame. In general, the aircraft satisfied the requirement of pilots involved in this field, but the project was commercially unprofitable due to the rapid deterioration of the shell of the hull and the engine, so the aircraft did not enter production, and did not find its customer.


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