The Su-39. A photo. History. Characteristics.


At the end of 80-ies was designed by another attack in the Sukhoi Design Bureau, this machine was called the Su-39. As for the aircraft, it has excellent flight and performance characteristics. This machine is a deep modification of the Su-25.


This type of aircraft in the territory of the Russian Federation has the designation Su-25TM, namely the export version of the product was designated Su-39, but it is the same car with only minor differences in equipment.

General description of the Su-39

The modifications compared to the initial Su-25 touched on almost all systems and components. The new car equipped with sighting system called "spear-25», which works on the principle of radar. This apparatus operates in three-centimeter mode, this gives the machine considerably more functions. But most importantly, that it can carry out combat missions, regardless of the time of day and weather conditions.

Su-39 cabin

The first model aircraft such as Su-39 has been presented only 1995 in the town of Zhukovsky. But only four years later, this unit was equipped with fighting weapons and a complete management system. State tests of the plane began to 97 years.

Characteristics of the aircraft Su-39

Control of the machine passes to the pilot in comfortable conditions, especially since much of the work performs automatic aircraft. This allows for more efficient operation and reach a maximum in performing tasks. Positive psychological state pilot is also accompanied by the presence of a fully armored cab that can withstand getting caliber projectile to 30 mm.

Magnificent aircraft takeoff performance, as the Su-39 can produce a take off from unpaved airfields in length 1200 meters. In addition, the aircraft is able to make a safe landing and taking off at altitudes of 3 kilometers above sea level. The aircraft has a high level of security due to the presence of armor that is able to protect both the pilot and all relevant units of the aircraft. Due to the fact that the aircraft has two engines, with the failure of one he can continue to work on another flight.

Su-39 photo

Power plant machinery is presented turbojet engines of the type P-195, they provide a thrust plane in 4500 kilos. Achievement of these engines is their low visibility in the infrared spectrum. As for weapons, the aircraft can fly up 4 tons of various weapons, some of which may be bombs and rockets of various calibers.

If you compare the Su-39 and foreign counterparts, it is safe to say that the domestic machine bypasses them significantly in price and efficiency. Trained to fly on this unit can pilot any qualifications. A special feature of this machine can be called as the fact that it runs on diesel fuel.

Survivability and stealth aircraft

Special paint finish allows the machine to remain unobtrusive over a field of fighting, and the material from which the body makes it possible to absorb radio waves, making it virtually invisible.

Su-39 foto1

Even if the rocket launch, which could not see the driver, the system operates under the name of "cargo ship", which produces optical and electrical interference. Interference to remove cesium missile carries a special lamp, which has a capacity of 6 thousand watts. In addition, the aircraft has a standard safety systems such as the production of thermal rockets that trap heat enemy missiles.

To overcome the enemy defense in the aircraft provided the EW system. It is based on the type of station includes intelligence SRTR that can keep track of all the radar. This system can be programmed to search for a particular purpose. The cockpit displays all information about the order, which indicates the direction and distance to the subject. The aircraft also has a new installation of the "clewlines and buntlines", which causes interference in the form of noise, flicker and thus steerable enemy missiles on the ground.

Detection and defeat the purpose of the Su-39

To this machine is able to work at any time of the day, it is equipped with the sighting system of class-251, which allows us to identify targets of different sizes, conducts guided weapons and fire cannon.

Su-39 in the parking lot

The nose of the aircraft is a system called "Squall-M", it produces the output image area under the plane on the screen in the cockpit. This equipment allows you to monitor the area for ten kilometers to the goal, and the capture area width up to two kilometers. With this system, the pilot can track missile salvo and can go to re-attack if necessary. This system is so high-quality that can detect a tank at a distance of 10 kilometers, and the house - away 15 kilometers.

The Su-39 equipped with air controllers that are not visible to the enemy, but this system allows precise automatic volley on the set goals. And most importantly, that the system does not allow the damage to their own military units.

Sukhoi Corporation actively cooperates in the international market, offering its high-quality products at market prices. Many countries of the world buy our stormtroopers for money or in exchange for their own products, which is lacking in our country.

Su-39 2 cabin

The Su-39 has received high confidence among the many foreign analogues. In support of this we can say that the Sukhoi aircraft factory in Ulan-Ude has a lot of orders for this machine.

Su-39 characteristics:

Modification   Su-39
Wingspan, m   14.36
Aircraft Length m   15.06
Height, m   5.20
Wing area, m2   30.10
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   10600
  normal takeoff   16950
  maximum take-off   21500
Fuel l   4890
engine's type   2 TRD P-195 (W)
Link not to force, kgf   X 2 4500
Maximum speed at the ground, km / h   950
Ferry range, km   2500
Combat range, km  
   near the ground   650
  on high   1050
Practical ceiling, m   12000
Max. operation overload   6.5
Crew   1
Armament:  one 30 mm gun GSH-30
 Combat load: normal - 2360 kg, maximum - 4400 kg on 11 hardpoints 
 ATGM Whirlwind with 16 ATGM (2x8 blocks)
 4 URVP X-25ML or C-25CL or 4 PKR X-31A, X-35,
 2 PRLUR X-31P or X-58UE or Up to 4 URVV P-60 or P-73E
 NUR caliber 57-370 mm, bombs (conventional, guided, cluster) or incendiary tanks


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Su-39 - attack aircraft designed to destroy the armored vehicles and transport aircraft of the enemy at any time of the day and in any weather. For this, the aircraft has all the indicators: a large number of weapons, the ability to deceive air defense systems with the help of technical methods of influence and a "shaving" flight over terrain with a complex terrain. From weapons to aircraft it is possible to install: guided air-to-air missiles, guided air-to-surface missiles, unguided rockets, bombs of various masses and cannon containers. With the help of this arsenal, the "tank hunter" is able to cope with the destruction of a large number of armored and motorized enemy units. Since the aircraft is still being tested, it is too early to talk about all possible combat tasks that it can solve as effectively as its counterparts, but in my opinion this aircraft can destroy enemy transport planes, preventing the landing of troops and helping the links of fighters To achieve air supremacy during full-scale hostilities. I very much hope that this attack aircraft will be accepted for service by the Russian Air Force and will be able to take its place in the history of domestic aircraft construction.


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