The Su-4. A photo. History. Characteristics.


Soviet aircraft Su-4 - continuation of the legendary Su-2, which included a more powerful engine. Another significant difference was the installation of more efficient weapons: conventional machine guns were replaced by large-caliber. 
On the plane at the beginning of its design it was planned to deliver two-row 18-cylinder engine M-90 designer EV Urmina. He had a much smaller size than any existing aircraft engines star of the time.

Su-4 photo

Pavel Sukhoi before the war began to be installed on new light attack aircraft engine models. According to his calculations the autumn 1941 years could begin the installation on the Su-2-89 motors M EV development Urmina. However, he soon changed his mind, and Suu-2 steel equipped with the power plant, which was based engines M-82 AD Shvetsov. Dry identified two promising motor M and AM-90-37. The first of them was tested on the Su-4 1941 early years.

The design of the Su-4 differed from the base model wooden fuselage and wing of the same, which were installed metal spars. The plans of the designer was placing on the wings and the top turret attack aircraft heavy machine guns Taubina.


Due to the reason that the M-90 engine had not yet passed the pilot tests, the first Su-4 models were equipped with the serial M-82. The lack of duralumin forced to make wooden wings with metal spars and plywood paneling. Armament modification strongly ahead of the base model. In the center section of Su-4 housed two large-caliber machine guns on each wing was ShKAS gun. In addition, the aircraft can carry up to 400 kg bomb charge. The aircraft was able to climb 6000 10,5 meters per minute. The speed of the machine at ground level reached 450 km / h.

In April 1942 the aircraft was on the state tests, which tested his flying and fighting qualities. When you have finished checking the model began to produce commercially, and perform combat missions during World War II.


There are data that show the installation on the prototypes Su-4-90 engines M and AM-37. However, these machines were not completed due to the permanent evacuation during the war. The only copy of the Su-4 with motor M-90 was gathered in Omsk and flew 4 30 hours minutes test time. Research Project-bomber attack aircraft with new engines shut down due to the termination of serial production of Su-2.

Su-4 characteristics:

Modification   Su-4
Wingspan, m   14.30
Length m   10.46
Height, m   3.95
Wing area, m2   29.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   3300
  normal takeoff   4900
engine's type   1 PD Shvetsov M-82
Power, hp   X 1 1250
Maximum speed km / h   512
Cruising speed, km / h   469
Practical range, km   605-1000
The maximum rate of climb, m / min   630
Practical ceiling, m   9500
Crew   2
Armament:  two 12.7-mm BS machine guns and two-four 7.62-mm SHKAS machine guns (650 ammunition per barrel)
 8-10 NURS RS-82 or RS-132 and / or 400-600 kg bombs


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