Sud-Aviation Gazelle
Sud-Aviation Gazelle. A photo. Characteristics. History.

Sud-Aviation Gazelle

Sud-Aviation Gazelle - a multi-purpose French helicopter. In service with the armies of Britain, France and some other countries. Used as a military transport and anti-helicopter helicopter in many conflicts. Huge popularity among the civilian versions of the "Gazelle".

The helicopter has a characteristic fenestron in the tail boom.

Sud-Aviation Gazelle photo.

Sud-Aviation Gazelle photo.

220 instances are built under license in Yugoslavia.

Participation in Conflict:

  • The Iran-Iraq War

  • Lebanon war

  • Yugoslav war

  • Falklands war

  • Tuareg Uprising (2012)

The Gazelle helicopter played the role of the police officer “Blue Thunder” special helicopter in the eponymous action movie 1983.

Sud-Aviation Gazelle photo

Sud-Aviation Gazelle photo.

Features helicopter Sud-Aviation Gazelle:

  • Crew: 2

  • Length: 11,97m

  • Fuselage length: 9,53m

  • The diameter of the rotor: 10,5m

  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 0,695m

  • Height: 3,18m

  • Swept area of ​​the rotor: 86,59kv.m

  • Swept the tail rotor area: 0,38kv.m

  • Empty weight: 920kg

  • The highest take-off weight: 1800kg

  • Internal tank capacity: 445

  • Engines: TurbomECA “Astazu” IIIA (1 × 440kW)

  • Maximum speed: 310km / h

  • The speed at FL: 263km / h

  • Range of flight: 754km

  • Ceiling: 5000m

  • Static ceiling:

  • taking into account the influence of the earth— 2850

  • without taking into account the influence of the earth— 2000

  • Rate of climb: 540 / min

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