Sukhoi Su-22
Sukhoi Su-22 - fighter-bomber

Sukhoi Su-22 - Fighter-bomber



Su-22 - Russian fighter, released in the middle of 70-ies widely exported to various "hot spots" of the world. At the time, I had a good flight performance and combat characteristics.

The history of the Su-22

Due to lack of Al-21F3 Soviet leadership had to find his replacement alternative. In 1975 year indication PV Dementieva prototype Su-22, which had the designation P-32M2, turbojets installed P-29BS-300, 11 500 have cravings kgf in afterburner and 8300 kgs - on "maximum". In the early 1975-started production tests of this modification of the aircraft. After the successful completion of the fighter began to be exported under the name of the serial Su-22.

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The release of this modification contributed to the process of standardization of the USSR military aviation fleet, which included front-line aircraft with foreign engines. To the fighters, which in their construction were equipped with an imported power plant, MiG-23 also belonged. The distinguishing features of these two models are steel: the relatively short tail section of the fuselage, other placement and dimensions of the air intakes that cool the turbojet engines, in comparison with the Su-17M2. The result of changes in the tail section of Su-22 was an increase in the range of stabilizers and the height of the fighter due to the raising of the keel.

Similar to previous upgrades (Su-Su-17M3 17M), this model is also exported. In April 1977 year program of state tests on combat training C-52UK was completed. In 1977-1978 years. 50-22 Su have been exported to Libya, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Angola, Peru, Romania and Yemen. Equipped with jet engine R29BS-300, modernized state identification system transponder and radio station R-802B. With 1984 years by providing the design of the Su-17M3 AL-21F-3 about a hundred cars were sold in eleven countries.

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Improved equipment Sioux 17M4 and use it on various weapons in the export version of the Su-22M4 could be interested in regular buyers of Soviet arms. In the history of serial production of the fighter in a total amount of more than 350 Air Force units received eighteen countries. In various versions of the Su-22 it has been in service in the Soviet Air Force, where shot was just in the middle of 90-ies.

Features design and operation

Su-22 managed to design as close to the MiG-27 and MiG-23BN. Such unification became possible due to the use of the turbojet engine R-29BS-300, developed by SK Kuznetsov. Tumanovsky and supplied at that time from abroad by the allies of the USSR. The large dimensions of the engine caused the expansion of the tail section of the fuselage. Armament on the fighter is represented by X-23 and R-3S missiles. The first prototype of C-32M2D was combined in 1974 year by a profound modernization of Su-17M2. Serial production started in 1976 year. The export version of the Su-22 was slightly inferior to the predecessor in terms of flight range and acceleration rates. The first copies of Su-22 were sold to the Peruvian Air Force.

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For sale while actively producing one more strike aircraft - the Su-20. During the period of 1973 1990 they were created around 700-20 machines Su and Su-22 in various versions. Among the buyers of the product of Soviet aircraft can count as much as the world 18 States. These in particular are Afghanistan, Angola, Algeria, Vietnam, Hungary, Bulgaria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Poland, Libya, Czechoslovakia.

By reselling in 90-ies from Egypt, Su-22 also received China, the US and Germany. The combat missions of Su-22 were conducted in Chad (1980) and Lebanon (1982). Su-20 along with Su-22 actively participated in the Afghan war on the side of the Soviet Union. Also, the fighters were involved in the Iran-Iraq war. In Yemen, during the civil confrontation, the modification of Su-22M was used by both sides of the conflict. At the beginning of 1995, with the help of these aircraft, the Peruvian Air Force attacked the Ecuadorian positions on the border between the two states. Those fighters, who could not reach foreign customers, waged military service in the Soviet air force.

Modification Su-22

  • C-32M2D - the first prototype of the Su-22.

  • Su-22 - export version of the Su-17M2. Opposed to the basic engine P-29B-300. First flown in January 1975 was serially produced in 1976-1980 years.

  • Sioux 22M - export version of the Su-17M3, unlike which was powered by a P-29BS-300, simplified set of weapons and avionics. Serial production dates back to 1977-1981 years. The buyers were Iraq, Afghanistan, Peru, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

  • Sioux 22M3 - a modified version of the Su-22M, which established a complete set of avionics of Su-17M3. Twelve aircraft were manufactured in 1981-1982 years. and sold in Hungary.

  • Sioux 22M3R - reconnaissance version, is based on the Su-22M3.

  • Sioux 22M4 - export version of the Su-17M4. As part of the power plant had the engine AL-21F-3. Production time - 1984 - 1990 years.

  • Sioux 22R - scout, designed on the basis of the Su-22.

  • Sioux 22M4R - reconnaissance version of the Su-22M4.

  • Sioux 22UM - combat training version of the fighter made its first flight at the end of the year 1979. I made with 1979 1982 for years.

  • Sioux 22UM3 - training aircraft, the Su-analogue 22UM that shipped abroad. Total was released 4 machines Hungary 1981-1982 years.

  • Sioux 22UM3K - advanced Su-22UM who had to equip the engine AL-21F-3 and produced in 1983-1985 years.


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Fighter-bomber Su-22, created by a team of Sukhoi Design Bureau in 1970-1980 years. He stood by the Soviet Air Force.

In the years of its operation it meets all the requirements of the aircraft of this class: high speed flight, perfect avionics, powerful weapons.

Powerplant: AL-21F-3 76,5 kN thrust without afterburner inclusion, 110 kN - with afterburner.

The aircraft was armed with two guns, HP-30 30 mm caliber. Weight of rocket and bomb load was 4000 kg. The plane had a variable geometry wing.


Sukhoi Su-22


The performance characteristics of the Su-22

  • Wingspan, m 10,00-14,00

  • Length, m 17,00

  • Height, m ​​4,70

  • Wing area, m2 34,45

  • Empty aircraft weight, kg 10 800

  • Launch weight, kg 16300

  • Launch weight, max., Kg 20 000

  • Flight speed at the ground, km / h ... 1350

  • Speed ​​flight altitude, km / h 2300

  • Ceiling, m 17000

  • Flight range, km 2500

  • Crew, people 1

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Military aviation

Engines developed a family R29 KB Tumansky instead Tumanovska and R29BS-300 manufactured the Ufa engine plant (now OJSC UMPO) rather than some allies from behind.

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What kind of author of the article and from what far abroad he attributed the engines of Soviet fighters to foreign manufacturers. He does not know that all the aviation of the Armed Forces of the USSR and all the components were made only in the USSR. Manufacturers were only state-owned, there were several thousand of them and were called as pb. This is not what it is then. Some shitty plane for transportation complete from Germany and ending with Singapore.

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