Souvenir award products: from cups to medals
Souvenir award products: from cups to medals

Souvenir award products include many interesting attributes - from cups and steles to medals of various denominations and plaques on metal. Original personalized attributes with engraving are selected according to size and materials of manufacture. They make up complete sets of awards for sporting and corporate events. Cups, plaques, figurines and other symbols are unusual thematic gifts that focus attention on the achievements of athletes, heroes of the day, and outstanding employees. You can choose whole sets or single copies. Cup with engraving, an excellent memorable gift for any event, competition, celebration easy to order taking into account the specifics of your event.

Benefits of award cups

These award attributes emphasize the solemnity of a memorable sporting or corporate event. Cups have the following advantages:

  • current design - from classic to unusual (with soccer balls);
  • use of high-strength materials - metal, the base can be made of natural wood for aesthetics and contrast;
  • a variety of decoration options in accordance with customer requests;
  • affordable rates.

Engraved cups are unique award products that never lose their relevance. Logos, text, and images are applied to them at the request of customers.

Decoration methods

Cups for awarding athletes, winners of competitions, and congratulating anniversaries are decorated in three ways - with a plate, laser engraving and an insert. The first option is designed to be placed on a pedestal. The plaque usually includes information about the award. Laser engraving is a popular technology that allows you to accurately convey the smallest details. And the liner is created by lamination or pouring.

You can choose cases, lids, ribbons and other accessories for souvenirs. Medal with ribbon for awarding participants in corporate events, sports competitions, graduates, a solid cup or a congratulatory set - all this can be ordered in a few minutes. Spectacular award products for adults and children are available from personal designs.

Craftsmen develop layouts according to your wishes and perform high-quality decoration of personalized souvenirs for presentation to winners and anniversaries.

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