Aircraft maintenance
Aircraft maintenance

Aircraft maintenance


Aircraft maintenance - A set of operations to maintain and restore health elements of functional systems to ensure serviceability of Sun and its readiness for flight. The whole complex of operations for aircraft maintenance can be divided into two groups:

  • routine maintenance works, predominantly related to the prevention of failures and damage;

  • Work to identify and address existing failures and damage.

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The purpose of the technical operation - managing the technical condition of products throughout their life or resource. This makes it possible to provide a given level of availability of products for their intended use and their efficiency in use and minimum time and cost.

The system provides the technical operation: safety and regularity of aircraft; reliability, serviceability and timely preparation of the dispatch; preservation of performance in accordance with the requirements of airworthiness; efficient use of aircraft.

The main tasks of the system include: the establishment of requirements for the program of Tyre specific equipment; Software maintenance products with a given quality at a minimum cost of time, work and money; preparation and implementation processes products; providing conditions for implementation of MOT; preparation of the necessary manpower; Optimization of production bases and material resources.

The effectiveness of the system of technical operation is determined by the degree of its fitness to perform the functions for managing the reliability and technical condition of the aircraft in service.

Flight support system covers air navigation and information, chart, weather, airfield, electric lighting, radio, ornithological, regime-security, medical, search and rescue and security of air transport and operations management.

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The effectiveness of the service system of operations is determined by the level oftheir technical equipment and organization, the functional efficiency and reliability of technical equipment, professional level of specialists and quality control elements and operation of the whole system. Quality functional effectiveness evaluated its impact on the regularity and flight safety.

Each of the systems considered has its own functioning process: the air transport system - the operation process (PE); Flight operation system - use process (PI); System of technical operation - maintenance process (VET); Commercial operation system - commercial operation process (PCE); Air navigation system - the functioning of ANS (PFANS); System of aerodrome operation - the process of aerodrome operation (PAE). The interconnection of these processes is determined by the common goal and the presence of one object - the aircraft, which in each system is represented by a certain set of its properties.

Process control is carried out with the help of appropriate strategies of operation - aircraft technical, commercial, airport, air navigation.

The strategy is a set of operating rules that provide management of the operation of the relevant service to maintain the most favorable operating conditions.

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In international practice, the system safety is usually regarded as a subsystem PBX that provides a warning of accidents.

The functions of the safety system include:

  • the investigation of accidents and incidents;

  • research and analysis of their causes; development of recommendations for their prevention;

  • control of safety and implementation of recommendations;

  • development of regulatory documents and information support airlines.

Thus, the system safety is coordinating. Its activities extend to the whole aviation system. It affects the preparation, maintenance and flight operations, and to improve the aircraft.


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