Stealth technology
Stealth technology. Briefly and clearly.

Stealth technology. Briefly and clearly.


About the invisible plane heard for sure everyone. Naturally, the plane is invisible not in our understanding, but in the understanding of radar stations, that is, when a pulse signal is sent to it, it is not fixed by the receiver to reflect the waves. However, the question is whether  Stealth technology so perfect that for example the same American bomber B-2 be able to penetrate into enemy territory completely unnoticed for air defense equipment?

To better understand how the Stealth technology, Razberёmv very simple example. As we know from school physics course, the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection, and in particular this also applies to the type of radio waves. Stealth technology based on the quotient reverse this, that is, when the wave is incident on a plane, it is not reflected, but in the other direction opposite to the action of the radar located on the ground, and in fact, this is why airplanes invisible body is full angular, and at first glance does not nice .


Stealth technology was kept secret for a long time

Stealth technology is classified


However, the creators of the aircraft invisible does not take into account one very important detail, which is based on the fact that depending on the radars of wavelengths, but around the world tend to use meter wave frequency, since it operates at a great distance, and does not require additional amplifiers radio, receivers to detect aircraft may behave completely differently.

A typical example of this was the terrible news for all of America when 1999 year, received official information about that plane, the F-117 invisibility, which costs 111 million, shot down by a direct missile hit from the S-125 air defense system. The US authorities have specially organized an investigation of this circumstance, because hundreds of tests conducted have never revealed the detection of the aircraft. As it turned out, the solution to this incident turned out to be quite simple, in the former Yugoslavia the decimeter radio wave range was used, which allows the aircraft to be detected at a distance of 175 kilometers.


Stealth technology 2


Thus, it is possible to sum up a little that the stealth technology is vulnerable to:


  1. The range of radio waves than the meter;
  2. The lack of a comprehensive aerodynamic shape of the aircraft, as a result, significantly reduced the combat vehicle speed;
  3. Radar systems, leading tracking aircraft on one or more high altitude, for example, the radar aircraft.


Despite the fact that the key to finding stealth aircraft in the sky was found even before the creation of the aircraft itself, the idea of ​​producing truly invisible to aircraft radar leaves of aircraft alone, and it is likely in the near future, we will see new models that really can be undetected for ground-based radars.


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