The technology of "stealth" new generation. The first developments of Japanese researchers.
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The technology of "stealth" new generation. The first developments of Japanese researchers.

The technology of "stealth" new generation. The first developments of Japanese researchers.

American technology "Stealth" It is no longer for the majority of states in any secret, but just before it was reported that Japanese scientists have begun modernizing existing technology, determined to bring it to a radically new level, and, her appreciation, without regard to the done studies will be only about 5-7%, which is ideal for creating modern military aircraft capable of secretly moved to ground-based radar systems.

The technology of "stealth". The experience of past years.

As is known, the main secret of the existing technology "Stealth" is a special form of objects, in this case, meaning the fuselage of the aircraft. In order to understand the whole essence, it is enough to recall the school course of physics, or rather the law, according to which the ray, including this applies to the radio wave, falling on the surface, is reflected from it at an angle equal to the angle of incidence. However, it is enough to recall the forms of the famous American aircraft, which are hardly noticeable for radar stations, which had a very big minus - not all waves were reflected from the design, but only of a certain frequency, and this was due to the insufficiently well-designed design of the aircraft, in which the designers mainly Concentrated on concealing the contours.

Thus, the US fighters and bombers were largely inconspicuous in tracking them from the air, however, with radar from the ground, the object was visible quite well, which is why there are several cases where samolёty- "invisible" were fired and even destroyed.

The technology of "stealth". Innovation by Japanese scientists.

A number of experiments conducted by Japanese researchers showed that when equipping existing design stealth aircraft with additional curved shape, the chance of detection is reduced by almost a third. The essence of the modernized technology is quite simple - the lower part of the plane is created so that irregularities could prevent as much as possible reflect radio waves back to the radar, and in the opinion of Russian scientists, most likely, this surface is a set of tetrahedrons, pyramids, or simply correct form.

Reflection of radio waves from the surface of the tetrahedral

When a radio wave hits the surface, then in all likelihood it is reflected at an angle or 120 90 degrees (depending on the number of planes), thus leaving the aircraft invisible to radar ground means. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Japanese scientists are in no hurry to declassify the special material of which will be executed surfaces absorb most types of radio waves due to privacy technology.

There is a new development and have one major drawback - because of the unevenness of the surface, aircraft, equipped with current technology will not be able to accelerate to supersonic speeds, which is why the question about the applicability of the idea still remains relevant.

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