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Terrorism and airports

Safety. And where we are?


Recently, it became very fashionable to talk about flight safety and flight in general.

The media, a huge number of correspondents, cheerfully talk on a topic about which they have little representation.

Recently, it increased the number of amateurs in various sectors and the national economy and in the media. And if earlier, the reporter, before you write an article about, say, Horns and hooves, even trying to understand what wrote. Now anyone tries to talk about, about which he has no idea.

So we had notable players, football players, oil and aviators. Especially cute when a report or article comes from the pen of cheerful graduate (graduate) zhur.faka famous university. It is clear that all have something to live. But in order to write about something, you should at least understand what you write, be aware, in the subject, they say.

Terrorism and airports

It's primitive to talk about security at the airport itself. Let me explain: the airport is, as a rule, a very vast territory. This is a long stretch of fence or fence line. This means that there is a high probability of penetration of unwanted elements both to the taxiways and to the runway itself.

Further. Checking at airports. No matter how you put the metal detector frames, frames, and X-ray machines, the man who wants to carry on board the unwanted items, always (!) Can do it. Let me explain. It's just a man, but rather the financial factor. not very qualified people to work in any airport. And to be more precise, it is not qualified. This is all kinds of workers the so-called non-essential staff. That is, people who do not have access to the aircraft, but which can carry out, incognito, someone on the airport grounds. In his office space.

According to the statements of tourists from Russia, even after the disaster in Egypt, in the country's airports could be reached without going through customs, or a serious examination. And all this can be done for a small bribe.

And it's not corruption in a particular country. It is the human factor. When money talks, not only your destiny, but destiny has just airliner.

Many probably remember scenes from St. Petersburg. This is when a group of young rakes, penetrated into the territory of airport "Pulkovo" under the guise of technical personnel jackets. And they even sat in the cockpit of the Tu-154M. And, even if distant platform, routine maintenance, no one stopped. What is it? Negligence? Russian apathy? Now is the time to think about it.

If you have extra, dollars, then you do the king of the situation at the airport. There are many groups of staff, who for 100 green guide you directly to land without going through all the Control zone.

I would not want to falsely accuse all employees of the world's airports. But everyone understands that movers, transporters, and other categories of airport employees receiving a salary several times smaller than the members of the flight crew will look for opportunities to supplement their income by any means. And one of these opportunities, to spend money for someone on the left. Without inside information, just business.

Any form of transport priori dangerous. Why mussiruya tragedy on air transport, scribblers of all countries of the world, instantly forget how many people died on the roads. On this day, this week, this month. Well, I assure you, tragedy, pain, loss of life simultaneously always attracts people. And the more dead, the more interesting. And the fact that on the roads there crashed and died four, and there one was killed, leaves us indifferent. While tragedy is in the air, we are excited. Unfortunately, to the abstract concept death we have become accustomed. We are not used to measure someone's life a measure of the pain of his loved ones. One two… . And the idea, and so little .... But 200-300 already ... yes. You can poskorbit. We have become callous and indifferent. To someone else's death.

Now, people have already died in Paris. Just stand. And silently think about them. And those who stay here.

Equal you takeoffs and landings.

Especially for Valery Smirnov


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