civil aircraft
Test: Knowledge of civil aircraft

Test of civilian aircraft




90%. Only with 3 attempts found A-350.

It is advisable to show the silhouette of the nose of the aircraft


93%. Error in A350. SMALL PICTURES

With 777 test error.

The current aircraft are so monotonous that they do not want to memorize them. Twin engine low profile with a small sweep, that's all. The old man 747 and the novice 380 are not doing the weather.

Boeing xnumx wrong

Yes, I also thought that 777 does not match

Eugene, do you understand helicopters?

77% well, I think - normal result!

And why the hell did you put the Boeing here? Is it really our plane and all this is an idiotic undertaking!

Eeeee, 76%! hard to learn from such small pictures .. :) But interestingly

Isi test, 100% professional

And less scale to do?


90% .. there were difficulties with B777

The 777 has the greatest engines. And in the picture they are disproportionately small. The fucking test.

I agree that the test is incorrect.
do not look like the original

777 is so crookedly drawn that I failed 3 in trying to find my favorite aircraft. So I got 87%, and it would have been no less than 90%.

However, 97% .... I would like more transport and military

And where is the test for non-civil aircraft?

spasibo za test.

Boeing 767, 777, Airbus 330, 340 - faceless. And so 80 - not bad.

There would be pictures of the aircraft could be more typed. The pictures are difficult to determine. And so 82 is also not bad. I like the test cool.

Flied on the IL-86. Much better than 737,319,320.

I did not fly, but I believe with pleasure. He flew on analog - B-777. On large machines it is always more comfortable.

Cool! I really liked it, just do not guess and find out.

67%. It will not be enough ...

I live near the airport. Sometimes I look at the airliners coming to land.

60% is more than a good estimate. I did not really see them. Basically guesses and sharply different (A-380, B-747 etc)

80% flew only on domestic from An-2 to Tu-114, it's a pity that until
flew to IL-86, 96, and right now that's not really like.

93% only because of the small fry, the phone can not see. And 777 is not typical.

100%, still, 25 years in aviation!

And IL 76, from 76, 76 md with run you distinguish? You are our professional!

47% While not on WHAT NEVER FLY. In the airports - yes, I met and saw off. ;)

I would like to see a test of domestic aircraft .... An, Tu, Il. There were a lot of them ... Some (youth) even Tu104 from Tu114 does not distinguish. :)

I flew from childhood on all types of Aeroflot planes, except for Li-2 (and maybe on it?) In 1969, during the Damansk conflict, parents from Khabarovsk to Okhotsk were taken to my grandmother. Well, I do not remember what I was flying on Li-2 or IL-14? 2 year was ...) and IL-86. I expected that domestic aviation would be represented. Not everyone Tu-114 will know, or An-8 from An-24 will distinguish! Its 60% is normal!

100%. Something like this. It's a shame to not know when you work at Tolmachevo airport!

Something like this


97% Attention test, with 777 th hastened

I have been fond of aviation since childhood.

An interesting test - the truth that teaches is not clear ... :) I think it would be more difficult with military aircraft ...

The downside is that the planes are not clearly visible, 777 is not correct.

This is two hundred 777-200!

777 has the biggest turbines. And this is seen in the pictures))

Interesting test


97% almost pros


Best in the world of aviation