civil aircraft
Test: Knowledge of civil aircraft

Test of civilian aircraft

A good test, thank you!

85%))) although not enough associated with aviation, and made a mistake with A320 Brazil tormented by)))

I responded to 12 73%

Result 100%! Very good test, thank you, a little more of this!


I 47%

I am waiting for the next test-type-military aircraft-not okazalos.Zhal.

Professional, 100%. Questions of course very light.

Wrong with V777 and V737

93 only small images


The test has no benefit first of all for the younger generation. This is due to the fact that the moderators of this test are in essence big liberals and do not like their own Russian. How much the weight of this test would increase if there were civil aviation planes among the questions (pictures of the planes) since the times of the USSR. Sorry !!

I thought that I pass this test on a hundred percent but it turns out that I do not know very well the planes

100% 30 years affect aviation!

97 percent. It's good? Wrong only with A-320 / 319

98% offset

90 percent, not bad!

I made a mistake and only 320 ... priputal him a319

Like testik 100%. With a little thought Brazil.

test normal, only small images


Small picture, and so interesting.

A good test, I'm sorry small planes

Strange picture A350)))

it was not difficult

Sukhoi Superjet 100

Interesting! 100% th result. Smile ...)))) Thank you for the test!

Thank you for the test, it was interesting!

One mistake, Airbus 20y c19m confused)))

The same error)) The pictures differ slightly)

Cool the test!
I love airplanes, though I'm afraid to fly.
Although you often fly.


I phone, how it happened, I love aviation

Not bad on the whole, the details sometimes it was difficult to discern

Good testik


A great test!

Test medium difficulty. But many of the details are hard to see, I had to guess. It is a pity there is no test in our aircraft.

And Dry "Super Jet 100"?)

Funny test. :-) I know Middle Aviation.