Thurston Teal. Specifications. A photo.
Thurston Teal. Specifications. A photo.

Thurston Teal. Specifications. A photo.


Thurston Teal - American single-engine amphibious aircraft designed and «Thurston Aircraft Corporation» produced by the American company to 1968 years.


Thurston Teal  a photo


Development of the aircraft began Thurston Teal American engineers solely due to market demand growth in the aircraft of this type, moreover, these aircraft were considered not only to work in the commercial sector, but also as a private aircraft. However, despite the rather large promising projects of the aircraft, the release of aircraft of this model was very small - for the entire period of production was able to build only 31 aircraft, of which, to date in operation is less than a dozen.

Design Thurston Teal aircraft is practically no different from the aircraft of this type, however, the only exception is the use of the T-shape of the tail of the aircraft, which allowed, in turn, a better position to stabilize the aircraft in the air.


Photo Thurston Teal 


Depending on the modification of the aircraft Thurston Teal, and for a short time they were issued a few, on board the aircraft can accommodate from two to four people, and each version of the aircraft is also adapted for transportation on its board of various cargoes, the mass of which , Again, depending on the option, should not exceed 346 kilogram. Initially, Thurston Teal aircraft were very popular with commercial air carriers, however, to date, these planes are operated exclusively by private owners.

The power plant of the aircraft model Thurston Teal consists of a piston aircraft engine capable of depending on their make and model to develop traction in 150 hp (Modification Thurston TSC-1A2 Teal II), which in turn allows the aircraft to reach speeds of up to 186 km \ h (cruising airspeed). Maximum distance of the flight of the aircraft is 950 kilometers, and can vary depending on the specific modifications of the aircraft.


Aircraft Thurston Teal 


Issue model was conducted in the following modifications:

  • Thurston TSC-1 T-Boat - A prototype of the aircraft:
  • Thurston TSC-1A - basic production version of the airplane, equipped with retractable landing gear;
  • Thurston TSC-1A1 - An improved version of the aircraft with an increased maximum weight vzlёtnym and additional supply of fuel;
  • Thurston TSC-1A1 / EW - A modified version of the aircraft, with an increased wingspan;
  • Thurston TSC-1A1 / EW / EP - Modification of the equipped engine Lycoming O-320-B3B capacity of 160 hp .;
  • Thurston TSC-1A2 Teal II - Upgraded version with improved flaps, power plant capacity in 150 hp, and a number of minor technical improvements;
  • Thurston TSC-1A3 / EW - A modified version of the engine power in HP 180 and increased maximum take-off weight;
  • Thurston TSC-1A1 / EWF - Technically amended version version Thurston TSC-1A3 / EW;
  • Thurston TSC-1A2T Teal II - An improved version of 1983 years;
  • Thurston TSC-1A3T Teal III - A modified version of version Thurston TSC-1A2T Teal II;
  • Thurston TSC-1A4 Teal IV - Quadruple modification 1977 years.


Specifications Thurston Teal.


  • Crew: 1 people;
  • Passenger: 1 people (depending on version);
  • aircraft Length: 7,26 m (depending on version).
  • Wingspan: 9,56 m (depending on version).
  • Plane Height: 2,87 m (depending on version).
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 650 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Payload: 346 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 996 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Cruising speed: 186 km \ h. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight speed: 210 km \ h. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight distance: 950 km. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight height: 4200 m (depending on version).
  • aircraft engine type: a piston;
  • Powerplant: Lycoming O-320-A3B (depending on version);
  • Power: 150 hp (Depending on version).



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