Tilt Rotor. Specifications. A photo.
Tilt Rotor. Specifications. A photo.

Tilt Rotor. Specifications. A photo.


Tilt Rotor is a British multifunctional unmanned civil aircraft developed by Wirth Research.

The Tilt Rotor unmanned aerial vehicle is an innovative aircraft, the key feature of which is the fact that this device besides the fact that it is a convertoplan, the drone uses a hydrogen element as fuel, which in turn allows a long period of time to maintain the autonomous flight of this device . This airplane focuses mainly on civilian applications, and can perform various tasks, including aerial photography, monitoring, observation, patrol and reconnaissance missions (cartography, topography, geology, etc.).

The British multifunctional Tilt Rotor unmanned aerial vehicle was designed in the configuration of the convertor, which allows the air vehicle to be operated unobstructed in any terrain. And while moving at fairly high speeds. The relatively compact overall dimensions of this device allow the aircraft to remain very maneuverable, while, as a rule, there are no problems with the transportation of the Tilt Rotor.

The power part of the multi-purpose British unmanned air vehicle of the Tilt Rotor model is represented by four electric engines that are capable of accelerating the aircraft to the maximum speed of flight at 100 km / h, with the autonomy of being in flight up to 2,5 hours.


Technical specifications Tilt Rotor.


  • Length: Unknown;
  • Width: unknown;
  • Height: Unknown;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: unknown;
  • Cruising flight speed: 80 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 100 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight distance: 100 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 1200 m .;
  • aircraft engine type: Electric;
  • Powerplant: unknown;
  • Power: unknown.



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