Only Angels Have Wings (1939).
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Only Angels Have Wings (1939).

Only Angels Have Wings (1939).


  • Country: USA.
  • The slogan - «! Powerful as a tropical storm».
  • Directed by Howard Hawks.
  • Starring: Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Richard Bartelmess, Rita Hayworth, Thomas Mitchell, Allyn Joslyn, Sig Ruman, Victor Kilian, John Carroll, Don 'Red' Barry.


Pilots who fly on swift-winged cars, trying to earn dollars, working in the postal airline Jeff Carter. It located the team at the airport in Peru. Also, in addition to work at the airport develops amorous passions. It turns out that the trio of pilots enjoy the beauty girl Bonnie Lee. But the girl is not indifferent to Jeff, who do not even pay attention to it.

Only Angels Have Wings (1939).


At some point, an employee arrives with his wife and her former friend (an airline employee) is trying to establish, restore relations. At the same time, the oldest pilot loses his sight and is afraid to admit it. But before the most dangerous flight, Debb takes his place.


  • Cary Grant - head of the airport and the pilots. The man with an iron will, coolness, has not lost the charm and famous grin.
  • Rita Hayworth - beauty, makes the heart beat faster men. Some fired, to make acquaintance with her. That it underscores the poignancy of Jean Arthur.
  • Jean Arthur - sensitive, vulnerable, touching the girl. But at the necessary moments she brave, strong, confident, as though it did not look weird. She was once again proves that it is the weakness of the power of women.

Only Angels Have Wings (1939).


All pilots are trying to live day to day without looking ahead. They can easily have fun after the death of a comrade. But they can not forget one of betrayal colleagues, who jumped at the wrong time of the incident plane with a parachute, leaving the mechanic on board. This "traitor" is with his wife in a very small airport and solves a very complex problem, do the most dangerous work.

Can a group of others to forgive his old mistake?


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