Trump in shock
Trump says Taliban are selling weapons left by US in Afghanistan to Russia and China

Former US President Donald Trump said that representatives of the Taliban movement are selling American weapons left after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan to China and Russia. He said this during a conference of conservative circles of the Republican Party, TASS reports.

“I read the other day that the Afghan Taliban is the world's second largest arms sales force. Because they are selling what we gave them. They're selling off all the great, brand new gear we gave them. Apache helicopters, which are the best in the world. They gave one to Russia, one to China,” the politician said.

Trump believes that Chinese and Russian specialists will be able to create their own helicopters based on the American model.

“They will take it apart and copy it. Now they will do it, because they are actually very smart, ”Trump is sure.

The ex-president also said that after the withdrawal of American troops, about 700 small arms remained in Afghanistan, as well as about 70 pieces of equipment.

“A lot of them were brand new,” Trump said.

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