Transaero. "Restart."
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Transaero. "Restart."

Transaero. "Restart."


When the Russian public had already almost come to terms with the fact that Russian civil aviation would lose its largest air carrier, information suddenly appeared that the co-owner of the Russian airline S7 had acquired 51% of the shares in the air carrier Transaero, and is currently trying to retain one of the largest on the territory of Russia and Europe of the airline from bankruptcy.



At the moment, the fate of the airline "Transaero" remains unknown, however, most of the experts in favor of the fact that the transition under the control of the company «S7», flights shedule "Transaero" has all the chances to continue its existence, however, increasingly it will depend on the measures taken and the speed of their adoption.

Aviation Specialists portal see several options for further developments, and, most likely not immediately discard the negative circumstances, as they may occur only in certain cases.


Minimizing debt



The main reason for the airline "Transaero" intend to recognize bankrupt, is enormously large accounts payable of domestic air carrier. By reducing current debt, at least parts of it, airline "Transaero" can resume its activities, which will have to re-optimize to maximize profits, and according to experts, it is with this new majority owner of "Transaero" and start.

Unfortunately, to pay a large sum of money the main creditors in a single moment does not, however, a partial withdrawal from the operation of aircraft will allow to pay about 25-30% of total debt, and subsequent activism airlines will give a chance to each month to reduce the existing debt on What earlier and reported.


Debt Restructuring.



Another of the very effective deployment options for further developments around the airline "Transaero" is to restructure the company's debt, however, to a greater extent, this will depend on the lenders themselves. The chance that banks and companies willing to suffer in part to the payment of the debt "Transaero", though quite small, but still there, and mostly it will depend on the further program of activities under the flights shedule «S7».


State aid.



We should not exclude the likelihood that domestic flights shedule want to help and the state, and, for that, there are plenty of reasons, however, rely on broad investments in times of economic crisis, to calculate is hardly worth it, but nonetheless, and such a chance as attaching.

Among the main causes of possible assistance from the state is to provide such reasons as a threat to the normal operation of civil aviation of the Russian Federation, the possible irregularities in the tourism sector, etc. Naturally, the state budget is not bottomless, because everything will mainly depend on the program for further development of the company.


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