Transportation Special Forces transport aircraft
Transportation Special Forces transport aircraft

Transportation of troops by special transport aircraft



Transport troops It carried out a special transport aircraft, or heavy bombers as needed rapid deployment of troops for a considerable distance or landing behind enemy lines.

Transportation of goodsProviding combat activities, performed by the same types of aircraft when the need for groups of highly mobile forces operating behind enemy lines, groups of forces, leading the fight in the operating environment or s hard rock or sand and steppe regions.

Sanitary evacuations It performs special air ambulance to evacuate the seriously wounded, requiring emergency surgical care complex. For sanitary evacuation can be used for transport and bombers returning empty after delivery of the material means of combat in difficult combat conditions (during raids on the enemy's rear, with actions of troops in the mountains and desert-steppe regions, and under favorable conditions, and during the battle surrounded).


Major combat requirements for aviation:

Requirements for land aviationA) provide a fighting major strategic and operational units (front, army groups), scouting is deeply separated from the front of objects and putting on hilm independent strikes; b) to promote connections of ground forces to achieve its goal in exploration and defeat the enemy from the air.

Requirements for naval aviationA) contribute to the fight of its naval fleet to the enemy; b) be carried out together with a fleet of attacks on military bases enemy; c) conduct an independent struggle against the enemy fleet.

Requirements common to land and sea aircraft; a) destroy the enemy air force; b) to transport troops landings on enemy territory and military supplies for its troops, as well as to serve for the sanitary evacuation; c) to serve reconnaissance and communications.



Air operations fall into three groups:

  1. carried out on the instructions of the High Command, the Front Command or Army Group;
  2. carried out on the instructions of the command of armies and navies, the operational cooperation with ground troops or navy;
  3. carried out in close cooperation with the ground forces and the fleet commanders on the instructions of the compounds, which it supports.


Military operations directed against the first group of objects located at a great depth of the enemy territory. Such objects are large and important in its significance the political, industrial and military centers, base material resources, structures with military importance, and railways in the enemy's rear, and so on. E., The destruction of which would have a particular effect on the outcome or, for War.


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