Transport aircraft

transport aviation.


Transport is one of the leading industries of any modern state. The volume of transport services depends on the general state of the economy. However, in itself transport often stimulates a significant increase in the level of activity of the economy itself.

Aviation transport is transport that is capable of transporting passengers and cargo by air. For this type of transport are characteristic of high speed transportation, as well as the ability to overcome great distances. It is used primarily for the delivery of goods and passengers in remote areas, as well as for urgent shipments.

Civil aviation of the Russian Federation is a fairly complex multi-purpose industry with a large and diverse fleet of aircraft, rather extensive network of airports, schools, aircraft repair companies, as well as flight control system.


Transport aviation photos

Transport aircraft


His special role air transport plays bad enough developed regions of the Russian Federation, where he, along with seasonal modes of transport is practically the only means of communication.

To date, this type of transport as air is the third largest in the whole volume of passenger traffic. In addition, it also applies in the national economy for the delivery of very urgent consignments, in the construction of bridges, as well as in the conduct of activities in the countryside, fishing, and exploration. The level of development of air transport today is an indication of the degree of scientific and technical potential of the country.

Now air transport market is highly competitive enough, the state only regulates tariffs for services of air terminals, but the cost of other types of air transport services is influenced, both demand and supply.

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Transport aircraft

Transportation of passengers and goods produced by regular and irregular air carriers. The cost of services provided by non-scheduled carriers is much lower, but their significance is also much smaller. That is why the leading position in the transportation market is still occupied by regular carriers.

In civil aviation, new requirements and inspections are constantly being introduced, which from this year will be carried out on an ongoing basis in compliance with all aviation safety regulations. 

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