Transas WATCH-3 Multipurpose UAV
Transas WATCH-3 Multipurpose UAV

Transas WATCH-3 Multipurpose UAV

The complex "Dozor-3" - a heavy medium-altitude UAV with a long flight. Its purpose is to collect information on the areal and extended objects that are far away from the airport, in different weather conditions, day and night, in the interests of ministries and departments, as well as the data required for operational decision-making in the implementation and preparation of service jobs .

The main functions of this complex are the search, detection and recognition of objects in a band or area of ​​the route, the continued implementation of tracking the detected targets. Therefore, it is ideal for patrol maritime and land borders, mapping, monitoring of areas and objects of protection measures.

Carrying out experimental research in the wind tunnel with different types of feathers helped find possible ways to optimize the aerodynamic design of the layout. Presented UAV built by the traditional normal aerodynamic scheme with a pusher propeller, dvubalochnym fuselage, horizontal stabilizer and vertical two-keel plumage. To simplify transporting tailplane and wing are removable. A similar arrangement was used in the next generation drone - "Dozor-4".

Preparing for flight takes up to 30 minutes. Landing and take-off place on an aircraft. In the case of force majeure possible to land the machine with the help of a parachute.

In a joint project of the company "Transas" and "Kronstadt" basic bet is placed on ensuring the high quality of the photos and video. Therefore, the payload unmanned may consist of various equipment - cameras front and side-view high-resolution, automatic camera with a resolution of 12 megapixel imager mid-range, payload control system, radar front and side view and storage of information.

The list of all types of payload:

  • Satellite communications system.

  • Cargo, located on the external sling.

  • Synthetic aperture radar.

  • Laser rangefinder.

  • Radar target search.

  • High-resolution camera.

  • Opto-electronic system placed on a controlled turntable.

Data transmission takes place in real time. Onboard storage can store up to the amount of video 30 hours. Staple snapshots is possible by means of special software. Studies have been conducted on a complete set of UAV "Dozor-3" TV camera which is capable of working in near-zero illumination located under the nose fuselage.

The complex is equipped with a combined management system, in which there are modes of autonomous and remote piloting. Also, it was composed of its own subsystems: small-sized integrated autopilot system, and other data. According to the communication channels can transmit information in real time using satellite systems GPS and GLONASS to unlimited distance.

The flight program can include up to 250 observation points. The accuracy of navigation in the passage of the route to the coordinates - 15-30 m.

The first flight model of the BLA “Dozor-3” was presented at the MAKS-2009 air show. Flight tests were conducted in the 2010 year. 

Transas WATCH-3. Characteristics:

Modification   Dozor-3
Wingspan, m   12.00
Length m   7.00
Height, m   2.50
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   640
  Fuel   160
engine's type   1 PD Rotax 914
Power, hp   X 1 115
Cruising speed, km / h   120 – 150
Practical range, km   900
Flight duration, h   24
Static ceiling, m   7500


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