Transas WATCH-4 Multipurpose UAV
Transas WATCH-4 Multipurpose UAV

Transas WATCH-4 Multipurpose UAV

"Dozor-4» - an unmanned complex, whose purpose is to collect and process information on specified areas and objects using the UAV payload equipment for government departments and ministries of the data, it is necessary to effectively address the tasks in the course of their business and performance.

Options unmanned complex "Dozor-4»:

  • Search, detection and identification of objects on the strip and in the vicinity of the route.

  • The periodic or continuous monitoring (surveillance) for identifying objects.

  • The transfer of species and the flight information in real-time and post it on-board storage.

  • Post-processing of data obtained from the UAV using special software.

Application areas:

  • Monitoring and forecasting of natural disasters, emergencies and participation in mitigation.

  • Patrolling the borders (offshore and onshore).

  • Remote monitoring infrastructure industry, transport, agriculture and natural resources.

  • Providing geodetic and cartographic activities.

  • Participation in security measures.

  • Industrial and environmental monitoring areas and objects.

  • The complex is located on the chassis of off-road Land Rover Defender 110.

On Implementing and carrying out pre-launch checks and serviceability of equipment leaves 45 minutes. The complex consists of mobile ground control station, which are equipped with workstations for the pilot-operator, navigator-operator and mechanical engineer, UAVs, placed in a special container, spare parts, materials and supplies.

Serial production of the complex UAV "Dozor-4" was deployed in 2007 year.

Design features

Glider drone created by the normal aerodynamic scheme with a pusher propeller and fuselage, double-girder. It has the horizontal stabilizer and vertical tail fin to two.

For convenient transportation tailplane and wing are removable and collapsible. Sheathing provided plastic tail.

The fuselage is presented dural farm riveted construction with a plastic covering.

UAV use as a two-stroke internal combustion engine power plant.

According to the results UAV blowing in the wind tunnel designed various embodiments tail for use in various driving modes. The research results can be used in the calculation of full-scale motion of the device in flight mode.

 The composition of the flight-navigation equipment:

  • automatic control system;

  • Compact integrated inertial navigation system;

  • integrated GLONASS / GPS;

  • magnetometer;

  • air data computer;

  • software;

  • on-board storage of information.

Features navigation equipment:

  • The range of the signal from the ground control station - distance of the line of sight UAV.

  • Combined control system (for a given program and management of the pilot-operator).

  • Note to flight mission to 250 points.

  • Precision navigation route - within 15-25 m.

  • Storage of recorded data on-board hard drives - up to 30 hours.

Advantages of the complex "Dozor-4»:

  • Mobility and compactness.

  • Diverse tasks performed.

  • The high performance characteristics.

  • The quality and speed of information processing.


  • Reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • Guarantee and providing technical support.

  • The high level of readiness for departure.

Transas WATCH-4. Characteristics:

Modification   Dozor-4
Wingspan, m   4.60
Length m   2.60
Height, m   1.20
Weight, kg  
  empty   50
  maximum take-off   85
  Fuel   15
engine's type   1 PD 3W 170TS
Power, hp   X 1 12
Cruising speed, km / h   120 – 150
Practical range, km   900
Flight duration, h   8
Static ceiling, m   4000


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