Requirements for pilots visually impaired
Requirements for pilots visually impaired

Requirements for pilots visually impaired


I recently passed a medical examination. - M. Rudakov writes to us. - The ophthalmologist found me unfit for admission to the flight school. I disagree with that. After all, my visual acuity is normal, equal to one. And all organs of vision, as it was written by the doctor, are good. That's just, according to the doctor, the refraction of the right eye is M-1,0D. And this refraction prevents me from fulfilling my dream. What to do? Advise ?.

Nikolai Popov, in his letter asked about what is myopia and how to fix it. Alexander Seredonina wondering whether the same requirements for the vision of the pilot and other aviation professionals, say radio operator?

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These letters were consulted by the colonel of the medical service I. Martikonov and the lieutenant colonel of the medical service E. Avksentyev.

The visual function of man is made up of many elements, and most important of these visual acuity. Normal visual acuity is indicated by the figure of at least 1,0. These are the requirements for young people entering the educational institutions that train pilots, navigators and glider pilots. Wishes to master other specialties - airborne radio operator, and other on-board mechanic. - Must have a visual acuity of not less than 0,9 on each eye (without correction of optical glass).

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The reason for the decrease in visual acuity at a young age is most often an anomaly of eye refraction (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). Refraction is the refractive power of the optical system of the eye, expressed in diopters. It depends on the individual characteristics of the structure of the human eye. Refractive errors can be corrected only with optical glasses (glasses).

Generally, the greater the degree of refractive error, the lower the visual acuity. However, a strict relationship between them. At a young age with a small degree of refractive error the person may show normal visual acuity, which is likely to have noted and comrade. M. Rudakov.

The young men who want to become pilots, navigators and glider pilots are not allowed to train with myopia and astigmatism diopter more 0,5, 2,0 diopters of hyperopia more in one or both eyes. Arriving at training institutions other members epazhey aircraft deemed unfit with myopia and astigmatism diopter more 1.0, 2.0 diopters of hyperopia more in one or both eyes.