Tupolev Tu-107


The aircraft Tu-107 was created in the design office Tupolev based on the previous model Tu-104. This machine was manufactured as a transport device for military needs. With Tu-107 could carry such equipment, such as cars or artillery. In addition, it had the opportunity to transport military troops in the number 70 people. This project has been quite successful on the test proved to be a great military machine, but in mass production, and it has not got.

Customer requirements for the new transport plane Tu-107

The most important requirement was the carriage of goods in 10 weight tons, and the maximum load should be 15 tons. The aircraft was transported to a hundred paratroopers or 69 wounded soldiers on stretchers. In this machine was placed 69 parachutists with a full set of equipment. As for Georgia, the Tu-107 should carry guns such as the BS-3, howitzers, armored personnel carriers and self-propelled artillery. In addition to military vehicles, aircraft carrying vehicles such as GAZ-63 and 69.


The plans of the customers was the use of the machine for rapid transportation of troops and equipment with the use of already existing transport aircraft. All the transport fleet of the USSR had to carry cargo and military at a distance of thousands of kilometers of 1,5 9 hours of flight, and the aircraft must produce two flights.

Design features of the transport Tu-107

This aircraft was manufactured in 1957 at an aircraft plant in the city of Omsk. This vehicle has passed flight tests, but was not sent for factory testing. Two years after the device was built, it was handed over to the Civil Code of the USSR Air Force. During the state tests, engineers such as K.M. Kabanov and K.D. Tayurskiy.

The machine is controlled two pilots, in addition to them on board was the navigator, gunner, radio operator and radio operator, all crew members were in the same cabin. The cockpit has been made as a sealed capsule, which had the air conditioning system. She was separated from the cargo compartment. In turn, the cargo of the car was leaking, but is heated by warm air from the engine compressor.


For easy loading of the compartment was equipped with a winch and conveyor. For effective landing parachutists was installed optical system type OPB-1. As for loading in the Tu-107, it occurs through the cargo hatch equipped with attached ladder. It consisted of two parts, which are closed by means of electric drive.

The rear of the aircraft was equipped with a remote control system. It was located armament (gun AM-23), but the tests have not even applied. Tu-107 installed oxygen system CSW-30 and radio receiving CPAP-2. To protect the rear of the machine have the system "Siren" and "friend or foe". Apart from that, the navigator was infrared monocle. In landing soldiers used aerial camera AFA.

The Tu-107 has a fire protection system, which is represented by tanks filled with inert gas. With this, even after being hit by a bullet in the fuel tank fire will not happen. Especially in case of damage of one of the tanks can be done pumping fuel to other tanks machine.

State tests of Su-107 were started in the late summer of 1958 years. All the trials and tests have taken a little more than a year and a half. The reason for such long-term tests was that the designers decided to replace the power-plant, to be exact, right-hand drive cars more reliable RD-3, who have extreme traction. That this situation has stalled the development of the project for almost four months.

The aircraft was tested very carefully about the landing of the military, for these tests were produced 176 jumps. As a result, it became clear that the rate at which the jumping marines quite large and was of the order 350 kilometers per hour. At that rate, paratroopers must be experienced and have a great store of knowledge.


The Tu-107 had excellent flight characteristics and was almost similar in the TU-104. But despite this, the new machine has many shortcomings and flaws, because of which this unit has not been taken on board. In the car, the Tu-107 was imperfect system chassis, which made it possible to land with cargo only 55 tons and thus it is necessary to use a braking parachute. In addition, in an emergency in the air all the crew members could not be saved by a parachute, because someone has to drive the car.

Another drawback of this machine Tupolev was that in landing parachutists immediately fell under the jet engines that threw them hard enough. In this desantirovanii repeatedly injuries and other incidents. Also drawback was the small car range, but most importantly, he could carry off from airfields in the first class. All the above mentioned nuances and prevent further development of this unit.

Achievements Tu-107

Despite the fact that the aircraft was not widely recognized, it has to achieve. With the help of the Tu-107 and Russian paratroopers had set many world records for men and women teams. It should be noted that the paratroopers jumped both day and night, which led them to great success. Our paratroopers were able to jump from a height of 15 kilometers. In this way, the athletes had a range of free fall in 14 kilometers or more.

Despite all the pros and cons of this machine Tupolev it could be quite successful and popular, but the Soviet leadership considered it otherwise, and the project was closed.

Tu-107 characteristics:

Modification   Tu-107
Wingspan, m   34.54
Aircraft Length m   38.85
Height, m   11.90
Wing area, m2   174.40
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   43000
  maximum take-off   76000
engine's type   2 TRD RD-3M-500
Thrust, kgf   X 2 9500
Maximum speed km / h   900
Cruising speed, km / h   775
Practical range, km   3020
Practical ceiling, m   11200
Crew   5
Payload:   up to 100 soldiers or 10000 kg of cargo


Tupolev Tu-107 video