Tupolev Tu-121


The Tu-121, he is the product "C" is a supersonic drone, which runs without a runway, with a special launcher. This heavy drone was developed by designers Tupolev end 50-ies. The machine had to destroy targets with nuclear weapons, it has been established, and the range was about 4 thousand kilometers.

History of the Tu-121

At the end of 50-ies in the Tupolev unit was established under the symbol "K", which is engaged in designing unmanned aircraft. The work of the department was headed by Chief Designer AA Tupolev, it was the son of the legendary designer AN Tupolev.


Tupolev assumed that a new car will fly at a speed of 20 thousand km / h at an altitude of 50 kilometers. Flight range of this unit should be more than 12 thousand kilometers. It is also planned that the speed when approaching the target should be at least 7 thousand kilometers per hour, and hit accuracy must be very high.

Decree of the Soviet government Tupolev was tasked with creating the product "C" in September 1957 years. The machine had to destroy targets at a distance of 4 thousand kilometers. The aircraft Tu-121 was largely similar to the P-type missiles and P-5-10, had a delta wing, which was in three dimensions, and the plumage was almost the same as the rocket R-15.

At this time for the new Tu-121 aircraft in the OKB-300 was created turbojet engine, which was equipped with an afterburner. The first prototype aircraft was created at the end of 58 year, at the same time the first launch of the device was made. The Tu-121 was launched at the Faustovo test site. This experimental model was made of ordinary wood, but it was equipped with real accelerators and airborne systems. This model of the future aircraft gave designers the opportunity to refine the car and see all the shortcomings. The most problematic was the launch system, which had to be modified.


The first full-scale model of a new unmanned Tu-121 59 was ready in the summer of the year and been tested in Vladimirovka. When these studies were carried out five successful launches. During start-up operations were analyzed and at the same time designers spend refinement to achieve its objectives.

Design features of the device TU-121

By type of structure, this machine is an all-metal monoplane, which is made by the normal scheme. Virtually all parts and assemblies are made of aluminum alloys. The wings are triangular plane, they do not have controls like conventional aircraft. Control of the aircraft was carried out with the help of the keel and two stabilizers. Tongazh car changed due to rudder deflection and change of course was carried out by three rudders.

The whole body of the apparatus has been divided into seven sections. Two front compartments were equipped with equipment for control and guidance on the specified object. The third division is specialized apparatus was completely under the thermonuclear charge machine. The fourth and fifth compartments were made specifically to house the fuel tanks. These compartments were equipped with a cooling system of a heating fuel at high flight speeds.

In the sixth section of the fuselage of the machine has been installed the power plant, which was presented to the turbojet engine type KR-15. It had an annular cooling system and the afterburner, which ended with an ejector nozzle. For a more effective operation of the power plant under the hull of the aircraft has been installed large air intake, which had many modes.

 The instrument section of the Tu-121 aircraft for optimal performance should have a temperature ranging from minus 50 to plus 50 ° C. For this purpose, a flight cooling system was installed on the machine, with the help of which air was taken from the engine compressor.

The sixth compartment of the aircraft autopilot was engaged in the type of AP-85 with accompanying navigation equipment. The structure also included the autopilot system supporting rate PAC-2 and height corrector model KV-8. This autopilot control carried out at the start, with a further flight correction system was used only flight.


Tail seventh slot machine was equipped with an ejector also in this part of the tail was attached. Immediately on four pylons have been installed control surfaces. All traffic produces hydraulic rudder system.

The phone system was tetraaxial start ST-10, which can be transported by a tractor-type MAZ.

Start of Tu-121 with ST-10 installation is done with the help of two accelerators, that for solid fuels, and were designated DWP-52. These accelerators have been used as a support for the machine. At the start of the boosters attached great traction unit, and after the burn, they are automatically separated from the aircraft Tu-121.

In the late summer of this year 58 model aircraft began to develop as a rocket-type "air-surface" and the launch of such a device intended to produce Tu-95. Also this year started designing aircraft under the designation "LED product," he was to make flights over long distances of up to 6 thousand kilometers.

The aircraft Tu-121 has been tested successfully. Despite this autumn 59, it was decided that this development is futile, so was closed and had no further development.

Tu-121 characteristics:

Modification   Tu-121
Wingspan, m   8.40
Aircraft Length m   24.77
Height, m   4.61
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   11450
  maximum take-off   3500
  Fuel   16600
engine's type   1 TRDF KR-15-300
Thrust, kgf  
Maximum speed km / h  
Cruising speed, km / h   2775
Practical range, km   3880
Flight altitude, m  
  at the beginning of the march   19900
  when approaching the goal   24100


Tupolev Tu-121

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