Tu-214 OH

Tu-214 OH


Tu-214ON (code name "Open Sky") is an aircraft created for aviation surveillance, developed at JSC "Tupolev" on the basis of Tu-214 passenger aircraft. The aircraft was created specifically for flights under the Treaty on the open skies over the territory of the countries participating in the treaty and to replace the Tu-154M LK-1 and An-30B aircraft.

Tu-214ON is equipped with a BKAN (on-board aviation surveillance kit), which was developed by JSC "Concern of radio engineering" Vega "". The BSC includes: panoramic and personnel aerial photographic equipment, infrared and television cameras, radar for side viewing. The resolution limit for infrared cameras is 50 centimeters, for digital cameras - 30 centimeters.

The aircraft is currently assembled in two copies - with tail number 64519, manufactured in 2011, and with tail number 64525, manufactured in December 2013.


The BKAN is intended to receive a record of the received materials, images of the terrain, documenting observation equipment and other incoming information, control the means of formation and observation of navigation data for observation equipment.

Tu-214 IT equipment

Aero photo complex is represented by film and digital cameras, which are located on the lower deck in the forward fuselage. The side-looking radar is also located at the front of the fuselage. The radar range reaches from 4,7 to 25 kilometers, and the coverage area reaches 50 kilometers. The infrared observation equipment is located in the center section. The viewing angle range of infrared equipment is 130 degrees, the track width on the ground is 4,6 * flight height indicated by the radio altimeter. The television surveillance complex includes three cameras: a wide-angle central KTSh-5 and two side KTBO-6. The viewing angle of the KTSh-5 is 148 degrees, the width of the terrain tracking is 6,6 * the flight height indicated by the radio altimeter. The viewing angle of KTBO-6 is 8,5 degrees in a narrow focus, and 20,1 degrees in a wide focus with a range of 60 degrees of sighting.

The aircraft is equipped with a calculating-board computing complex. ODCC designed to monitor the performance and control of the means of observation, in addition to display real-time information from a variety of monitoring tools, as well as its record. As part ODCC consists of five workstations (automated workstations), which are integrated into a local network: radar operator workstation, the operator workstation aerofotokompleksa, operator workstation equipment TV, infrared equipment operator workstation and workstation senior representative of flight personnel.

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