Tupolev Tu-300


Tu-300, or to codify "Kite-U" is a Soviet and Russian shock tactical unmanned aerial vehicle developed by engineers from Tupolev Design Bureau. The main purpose connected with the conduct of aerial reconnaissance activities and discovery, destruction of ground targets and objects. The first flight of the prototype took place in 1991 year. Also developed two upgraded versions. "Filin-1» is intended for conducting electronic intelligence, "Filin-2» - for relaying radio signals.

History of the Tu-300

In 1982, in the Soviet Union, the Air Force was asked to begin developing a tactical tactical UAV (code name "Korshun"). Initially, the project was entrusted to the Sukhoi Design Bureau, but after the first work, a year later, the project was redirected to the MMZ "Experience" under the guidance of the Tupolev Design Bureau. The decision was made because of the vast experience in the creation of successful unmanned vehicles, in particular scouts Tu-141 and Tu-143. Designers indexed the project as 300 with the designation "Korshun-U". It should be noted that immediately thought of using previous models as basic, but after reviewing the solution and proceeding to develop a unique Tu-300 drones.


Providing ground-based equipment designed UAV unified in the same TU and TU-141-241. In the early 90-ies we designed the first prototype flying instance. In 91 year began conducting flight tests. This air unit rather actively promoted at MAKS (International Aviation and Space Salon), which was held in Zhukovsky. But because of subsequent events and the lack of sufficient financial support to the project of tactical UAVs impact Tu-300 had to be frozen.

In 2007 year, thanks to the agency "Interfax", it was reported freeze and resume work on the drone. We also learned that the general scheme of the airframe, the main design solutions and ground support equipment remain unchanged, which should correspond to specified parameters even in 90-ies scout to detect and destroy enemy targets. For increasing the performance and the power plant will meet the new engines and modern avionics and electronic equipment.

Tu-300 photo

In addition to this information, it was announced the creation of medium-range UAV influence - BAK SD, for which the base model will be almost ready unmanned Tu-300.

The design of the UAV "Kite-U"

Tu-300 is unmanned single-engine aircraft with aerodynamic scheme "duck". During the lifting force is responsible delta wing with slight elongation. Mechanized communications and electronic computer system, as well as auxiliary and reconnaissance equipment installed in the forward fuselage.

The main burden, missile and bomb armament and electronic equipment, installed at the external hardpoints fuselage and fuselage compartment. In addition to its own weight in four tons, unmanned aerial vehicle can carry up to about one tonne of specialized load.


At various exhibitions and air shows UAVs demonstrated the presence of the suspended container of small loads (KMGU). Thanks to this drone Tu-300 can arm shock means the type of shaped-charge fragmentation and high-explosive bombs. A wide range of unmanaged and managed aircraft munitions capable placed on the air due to the used car holder BDZ-U.

As the use of unmanned vehicle chassis is not provided, the implementation is carried out starting from the start of the shipping container, mounted on a truck chassis. During the launch itself into the air meet two solid booster. And for the safe landing of Tu-300 responsible inherent in almost all the UAV parachute system, housed in the tail section.

Tupolev Tu-300 Environmental Specifications:

Modification   Tu-300
Height, m  
Weight, kg   3000
engine's type   1 TRD
Thrust, kgf   1 x
Cruising speed, km / h   950
Practical range, km   200 – 300
Practical ceiling, m   6000
The minimum flight altitude, m   50


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I believe that our country needs to develop the direction of aviation drones. First of all it is necessary to save the lives of pilots and to ensure that other countries would pray to see our military power and high development of aviation. That Tu-300 can be considered a quality source unit for further development and improvement of this area of ​​design. I believe in the success of our designers in the industry, because they can create high-quality and competitive machine.