July 27 1947, was made the first test flight of the Tu-85. This three-engine aircraft - the first native bomber with jet engines. He built a small series.
Strategic bomber was the last long-range aircraft built by the Soviet Union, in which a power plant were used piston engines.
The first test flight took place on January 9 1951, however Tu-85 not replaced by another piston serial Tu-4. All were released 2 instance bomber.


Tu-85 photo

Tu-85 photo


The performance characteristics of the Tu-85:

  • M-253K and ASh-2K motors

  • Power, hp with 4 x 4300 and 4 x 4500

  • Wingspan, m 55,939

  • Length, m 39,31

  • Height, m ​​10,58

  • Wing area, m2 273,6

  • Aircraft weight, kg: normal 76 000

  • Aircraft weight, kg: maximum 105 000

  • Flight speed, km / h: at the ground 460 and 480

  • Flight speed, km / h: at the height of 10 000m - 585 and 600

  • Range with 500 kg bombs km 12 000

  • The ceiling, m 11 000 and 11 100

  • Crew 16


Tu-85 scheme

Tu-85 scheme


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Tu-85 I was interested in its purpose, because he was a scout intercontinental bomber. Also, I noticed his arms and saw what his technical and lethal characteristics. They are very good and I like it, because each model aircraft to be better than the last, but in no case worse, as happened in the Tu-85, it is better than the Tu-80.
He flew the plane did not last long, it was quickly removed from service, and this is bad, because this model was not very large in terms of size, but had a good performance
Tank capacity reached already 63600, it was a lot, even for such aircraft. Armament he had only gunnery, and more, it seems to me, he did not need to, because it is a simple bomber. In this type of weapons it included only five down, but they, I think, would be enough to defend itself and the opportunity to attack the enemy.
Shortcomings in this model, I did not notice anything wrong so I can not say. It is powerful, small and with a good weaponry - is all that is needed for planes 1950-ies.

You write: "I have not noticed any shortcomings in this model." Sorry Igor, but you seem to be an amateur in aviation. Pay attention to the bomb load at maximum range. She is only 500 kg. This is very small. That is, this aircraft will deliver only itself to a distance of 12000 km, and if you take 10-20 tons on board, then nothing will remain of the range. That is why this aircraft was not operated for long.

Serious leviathan. And it is true that he was the last piston bomber? Is the world more than anything was not made?
And the plane pretty, though, is very similar to its more advanced model - Tu-95. I read on the forums that 95-th landing noticeably rushed. That's interesting to 85-m has the same trouble? In general, I'd tell you if I did not develop 85-th, and it is unlikely that our minds are well understood in the principles of successful intercontinental flights.

Correct to say "the last of the Mohicans." Or the last piston heavy. He brought a lot the way for the development of Soviet aircraft. It was required branch. It is a pity that did not find him in his lifetime. I would like to hear him sing.


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