Tupolev Tu-89


Tu-89 - tactical reconnaissance aircraft, developed in OKB. Tupolev. The basis for its creation served as a bomber Tu-14T. In the summer of 1950 years came the first two serial bomber Tu-14. First we decided to remake version of the Tu-81T torpedo, and the second - in the pilot version of fotorazvedchika Tu-89. The aircraft can be equipped with one of three options cameras: NAFA-Sc / 50, AFA-BA / 40 or AFA-33 / 75 for long-term planning and photography.


The first flight of the Tu-89 was committed 23.03.1951. After some fine-tuning, the Tu-89 can be run in serial assembly, however, we had already decided the fate of the Tu-14, and was released reconnaissance version IL-28RThat it was easier to collect, given the large degree of similarity with IL-28. Therefore the choice of the Air Force was made in favor of IL-scout 28R and Tu-89 was not recommended in the series due to uselessness.


I was most fascinated in this plane that he was a spy. I was very much interested. He was a front-line aircraft, and thus occurred on the exploration front. The first flight on it went well, but still there were small flaws, but soon corrected and the aircraft could start on the production, but something went wrong and it does not come under plants, there was only one initial instance of it.
Once enrolled failure that can not produce the project immediately closed. It seems to me that it was in vain, because his form has been excellent and agile, so do it on reconnaissance flights could easily and was a strong possibility that even if the enemy sees you can quickly fly. Its maximum speed was 800 km / h, and it would fly before the enemy starts to shoot.
Personally, I think that these planes do not close, because just like at the front and needs. I understand bombers, they can, for them and it was a lot, but these planes are rarely found close did not need to. As for me, this plane has no flaws at all, he has only positive qualities and virtues.

It's a pity of course. CB as always worked out well, but it bypassed the IL. Although one can understand. TX practically identical, and the assembly much easier, what sense do something new, if there is an excellent old. And someone has full information built Tu-89? On the Internet it is very small. All painted in brief.

Hello. I studied at the Institute of the aircraft. First-class scout. Quick, produced by the little noise standards, and most importantly was very effective. His brother, torpedo, also proved to be a not bad at exercises. But he was written off as they say. In general, this arms race strained a bit. It's just like today's mobile phones. You just bought one, and to replace him five left. And repeat that your worthless, and this is better.