Fog is no longer an obstacle for planes
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Fog is no longer an obstacle for planes

Fog is no longer an obstacle for planes


The fogs create big troubles for passenger airliners of various air carriers of the world, and also lead to discontent of passengers who are forced to expect stabilization of the meteorological situation at other airports, or to expect the dispersion of fog to take off. Every year, bad meteorological conditions, in particular fog, cause delays in thousands of flights around the world, which naturally leads to additional costs for air carriers, and despite the fact that the information portal previously presented several developments to minimize damage from this phenomenon , There are other ideas that are also likely to reduce the impact of fog on passenger flights.



This atmospheric phenomenon like fog, is nothing more than a cluster of fine airborne condensate formed due to the temperature difference between the air and the ground. The smaller the particle condensation, the more dense is the fog, and thereby becomes worse visibility zone. Conventional lighting fixtures, usually help only if the fog is not dense, and with increasing dispersion condensation, the real benefits of lighting equipment is located on the runways decreases.



Scientists from Germany are currently proposing the use of laser equipment on airport runways, which provides a very effective field of view for aircraft landing even in dense fog conditions. Such installations are nothing more than laser equipment, mounted in separate sections, which in the event of reduced visibility on the runway can be used. In this case, although the laser light will be scattered, it will still be very focused in comparison with the conventional light-signaling equipment currently in use, which will allow not only to indicate the dimensions of the runway, but also to indicate to the pilots all the necessary parameters allowing landing.



Specialists from China also suggest using laser equipment, however in this case, the wavelength of the laser will not be visible to the human eye, and the system will be used to indicate the current position of the runway on the monitor of the on-board computer. The main point of the development is that the laser beam forms the target designation for the aircraft's on-board computer. Which in turn displays all the information necessary for landing, and after simple operations, the pilot of the aircraft can easily land the aircraft even with virtually zero visibility. At the moment, this system exists only in the theoretical representation of scientists and engineers, however, the staggering looks like this:

  • The aircraft was approaching the airport boundary enters the field of view of the radar equipment;
  • By sending a laser signal to the onboard computer of the aircraft transmitted code with the location of the runway, which is adjusted depending on the position of the aircraft;
  • In implementing the reduction, on-board computer indicates to the pilot the necessary parameters for a touchdown, a display size of the runway and its location in space.


In fact, the signal can be transmitted and a conventional radio wave signal, however, due to possible interference, it is assumed to use a laser device.


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