Tupolev Raven
Tupolev Raven

Tupolev plane "Raven"


The plane "The Raven" is a version of the project reconnaissance aircraft Tupolev Design Bureau. The project launched by the decree of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers of the former Soviet Union from March 1971 years.

The creation of such a machine is started after the discovery of an active interest in the territory of Baikonur in 1969, the US intelligence drone, which crashed as a result of using up all the fuel. According to experts, this car spent photographing areas of China and got lost on the way home. The study of this device give our scientists a lot of information on new materials and systems that have been used on US aircraft.

Tupolev Raven

Creating a Soviet intelligence officer was charged Tupolev, due to the fact that it is already engaged in the design of such devices. The plan was to create a machine type American only Soviet engine installation and equipment.

Designers were planning to make a plane that could carry out reconnaissance operations at high altitudes and thus have a greater range. Run the machine had to be carried out with an airplane Tu-95, and itself "The Raven" to be mounted on its wings. Also in the plans was the installation of ramjet engine type ML-012, which could overclock the machine to a speed of M = 3,6 while flying at an altitude of 23-27 kilometers.

But the project was never finished. In connection with the development of space exploration production of "The Raven" was simply unnecessary.

Features model scout "The Raven"

The main difference between this unit from the rest was that it should significantly exceed all scouts in the range and effectiveness of their assignments. This machine can be used both in wartime and in peacetime, to obtain the necessary information. When performing tasks could choose the route of flight, if necessary, it could prompt him to intervene and carry out defensive maneuvers of enemy air defenses.

"The Raven" could produce photographs of the area only during daylight hours and with excellent weather conditions. This deficiency was caused by camera equipment installed, which was presented panoramically-frame camera. The problem of lack at the time of the Union of qualitative intelligence equipment and served as a major factor in the closure of the project. But it will give a new impetus to the development of supersonic aircraft.

Tupolev Raven

The complex of "The Raven" includes the following components:

  • supersonic reconnaissance that could travel long distances;

  • vehicle UAV, which is a modernized Tu-95K or Tu-160;

  • complex ground support equipment;

  • system of receiving and analyzing information obtained from the scout.

As for the specifications, this machine did not have any flaws in its design. According to the calculations of designers "The Raven" was supposed to have excellent flying qualities. The main problem was the fact that in parallel with this project Tupolev led the development of devices that were supposed to fly at hypersonic speeds.

Tupolev "The Raven" features:

Design Tupolev Design Bureau
designation "The Raven"
A type Reconnaissance UAV
Dimensions & Weight
Length m 13,06
Wingspan, m 5,8
Height, m 2,08
Wing area, m2  37
Weight at the time of separation, kg 6300
Weight at the time of separation from the upper stage DWP kg 14120
Empty weight, kg 3450
Fuel Weight, kg 2850
Power point
number of engines 1
Marching engine Ramjet engine RD-012
Maximum flight thrust, kgf 1350
Link accelerator, kgf 47500
flight data
The flight speed of the route, km / h 3500-3800
Flight altitude, m 23000-26400
Flight distance, km 4600