Tushino Machine-Building Plant
Tushino Machine-Building Plant

Tushino Machine-Building Plant

TMZ (Open Joint-Stock Company “Tushinsky Machine-Building Plant”) - until recently - the largest enterprise of the Russian aerospace industry. The company was established in 1932 year and its goal was the development of the latest models of aviation (such as aircraft "Steel-2"), and in the near future, and space technology. The plant is located in the city of Tushino.

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  • At various times at the factory, both military-made products and civilian products were produced - trams, trolleybuses, front-line fighters and buses. In 1980 — 1990, the Buran orbital manned spacecraft (reusable) was being built at the plant.

In the early 1990-ies the plant participated in the construction of the Kalmyk wind power by installing three wind power 1 megawatts (like the only power wind turbines manufactured in Russia).

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One of the recent contracts is the supply of tools and equipment for construction in the 2008-2009 years of the Adygea hydroelectric station.

The best times to plant it carried out its work over 28 thousand people, at the moment the number of employees decreased significantly - up to a thousand.

Among the key figures of the open joint-stock company, one can single out the identity of the general director: Ivan Vladimirovich Spirin.

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