Tushino Machine-Building Plant
Tushino Machine-Building Plant

Tushino Machine-Building Plant


TMZ (Open Joint Stock Company Tushinsky Machine-Building Plant) - until recently - the largest enterprise in the Russian aerospace industry. The enterprise was founded in 1932 and its purpose was to master the latest aircraft (such as the Stal-2 aircraft) and, in the near future, space technology. The plant is located in the city of Tushino.

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  • At different times, the plant produced both military products and civilian products - trams, trolleybuses, front-line fighters and buses. In 1980-1990, the construction of the orbital manned spacecraft "Buran" (reusable) was carried out on the territory of the plant.

In the early 1990-ies the plant participated in the construction of the Kalmyk wind power by installing three wind power 1 megawatts (like the only power wind turbines manufactured in Russia).

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One of the latest contracts is the supply of tools and equipment for the construction of the Adyghe hydroelectric power station in 2008-2009.

The best times to plant it carried out its work over 28 thousand people, at the moment the number of employees decreased significantly - up to a thousand.

Among the key figures of the open joint-stock company, the personality of the general director can be distinguished: Ivan Vladimirovich Spirin.

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