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The dark history of "black box". Another mystery downed Su-24.

The dark history of "black box". Another mystery downed Su-24.


The situation between Russia and Turkey has recently become very tense, and the main circumstance is the Russian-made front-line bomber Su-24, shot down by the Turkish Air Force, who violated the border of the sovereign state upon the application of the Turkish Air Force command, and "... after repeated warnings" Shot down. The situation is very unusual, while according to the Turkish command, the plane still violated the airspace of another state, having stayed there, however, not 10 minutes as it was officially announced, but of the order of 15-17 seconds with the usual flight speed, however, Russian specialists presented data in which the plane only approached the Turkish border, but did not violate it. The final clarity in this situation was to be made by deciphering the data from the parametric flight recorder, which, the President of the Russian Federation, demanded to make as openly as possible, including with the participation of foreign specialists. Nevertheless, during today's autopsy of the Russian bomber's flight recorder, the worst assumptions were confirmed - it is impossible to extract information.



Despite the fact that experts are still trying to retrieve data from damaged media with the help of advanced technology, most likely, it perfectly clear picture and not be able to learn to identify possible other circumstances, however, the question of why all the same data on-board parametric were damaged, they remain highly relevant, and the world's leading experts have made several assumptions about this.



Considering the purpose, structural and technological peculiarities of flight recorders installed on military aircraft, it is worth assuming that the probability that the data recorded on it can be damaged by impact against the ground is practically zero. In this connection, there is a conclusion that the device could be damaged purposefully, and here, first of all, it is worth considering the two sides - Turkey and Russia. Given that the damage to the airborne recorder is primarily interested in the Turkish side, which could actually bring down the plane in Syria, this may serve as a motive for the data to not be received, besides, the Turkish president a few days ago Openly stated that whatever the results of the decoding of the onboard parametric recorder, the government of the country does not recognize them.



Of course, could be to damage the flight recorder, and every reason to have Russian officials, however, likely would have been much easier to pretend that "black box" has been found, however, in fact, it did not happen, and in addition, Russia is very interested to point out the illegal destruction by Turkey of aircraft, and because of this theory itself is absurd.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to assume that the Russian experts still be able to decrypt the key information as soon as it will give a chance to clarify the actual situation with the destruction of the Russian bomber Su-24.


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