Teachings of rescue teams at the Domodedovo airport
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Teachings of rescue teams at the Domodedovo airport

Rescue teams drills at Domodedovo airport


23 October territories Moscow Domodedovo Airport passed comprehensive exercises emergency services Airport involving interacting forces and means of EMERCOM of Russia. Thus, the air harbor reiterates its readiness to take part in major international events.

According to the scenario, the plane, en route flight Novotrubinsk-Moscow made an emergency landing at Domodedovo. On board the aircraft are people 170: 162 passenger (153 9 adults and children) and crew members 8 and 3 tons of cargo. The cause abnormal situation has become a right landing gear failure. Skilled airport should ensure the evacuation of the faulty aircraft and provide the necessary assistance to passengers.

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Alarm at Domodedovo airport were mobilized calculations of all rescue services of the airport, including the fire brigade, employees of the health center of the passenger terminal and subgroups escort passengers, aviation security experts and sub-inspection safety.

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Concerted action by airport professionals, as well as equipment and training due to work to eliminate the consequences of accidents effectively allowed to perform all the tasks during the exercise. Rescue teams Domodedovo complex change eliminated fire, evacuate passengers and crew and their subsequent transportation to rehabilitation centers.

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During the exercise, experts airport worked in practice, issues alert personnel when an emergency occurs, spent contain and extinguish the fire, realized action of rescue teams Domodedovo to conduct evacuation operations during the emergency landing of the aircraft.