north stream terrorist boat
It was possible to find out the details of the investigation on the Nord Streams

A Bild correspondent visited the Andromeda yacht, which, according to one version, was used to blow up the Nord Stream gas pipelines. 

A GPS tracker was found on the Andromeda: apparently, thanks to it, you can track all the movements of the ship. In addition, several items of clothing were at the disposal of the investigators: an Icebreaker thermal T-shirt and a Von Lamezan cap. According to Bild, there was hair on the cap, which is now being examined in the laboratory for traces of DNA. It is not yet clear who actually owned the headdress. 

In the reports of the investigators, we are talking about the fact that they managed to find traces of explosives on the table in the cabin of the yacht. Now, according to Bild, the Andromeda's owner is going to sell the ship.

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