Attack on NATO bases? Russian allies are ready to strike a catastrophic blow!
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Attack on NATO bases? Russian allies are ready to strike a catastrophic blow!

Attack on NATO bases? Russian allies are ready to strike a catastrophic blow!

In recent days, tensions in the international arena have increased again following statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin. At a meeting with the editors-in-chief of major foreign news agencies, he commented on the permission of Western states for Kyiv to launch strikes on Russian territory using supplied weapons. In this context, Putin asked a rhetorical question: could it happen that strikes with Russian weapons will be carried out in third countries against sensitive targets of the sponsors of the Kyiv regime? This statement caused active discussion among experts and analysts considering possible retaliatory measures from Moscow.

Context and reasons for Putin's statements

The permission of Western states to attack Russian territory is one of the elements of a broad strategy to support Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia. The West, including the United States and NATO countries, has already provided Kyiv with a significant amount of military assistance, including modern weapons systems. These supplies, along with political and economic support, are aimed at strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities and deterring Russian actions.

However, this approach raises serious concerns in Moscow. The Russian leadership sees this as a direct threat to its security and sovereignty. The question raised by Putin about the possibility of Russian weapons striking targets in third countries that sponsor Ukraine underscores the seriousness of Russia's intentions to protect its interests by any means necessary.

Expert opinions and possible scenarios

Military expert Andrei Klintsevich, in an interview with Tsargrad, suggested that one of Russia’s retaliatory measures could be attacks on the British military base in Cyprus. There are several military installations of NATO countries on the territory of Cyprus, including the British bases of Akrotiri and Dhekelia. These bases are important strategic points for Great Britain and its allies. The Akrotiri base houses electronic reconnaissance equipment, as well as British Air Force and Navy aircraft.

The distance from the Syrian city of Latakia to the Akrotiri base is about 250 km, and from Tartus to Dhekelia - about 190 km. These distances make British bases vulnerable to possible attacks using sophisticated weapons available to Russia and its allies in the region. Klintsevich noted that such strikes could cause a serious resonance and lead to significant losses among NATO forces, which, according to him, could be perceived as a show of force.

In addition, proposals were considered to supply anti-ship missiles to Yemeni rebels to strike warships of the British and US navies. This scenario also assumes the possibility of Russian retaliatory actions through its allies and partners in various regions of the world.

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