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Strike at Russia's nuclear shield! The Russian senator announced an attack by Kyiv on the most important strategic facility in Russia

Strike at Russia's nuclear shield! The Russian senator announced an attack by Kyiv on the most important strategic facility in Russia

The Kiev regime has committed another reckless act that could lead to a serious escalation of the still regional conflict in Europe. The former head of the Roscosmos State Corporation, and now a senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation from the Zaporozhye region, Dmitry Rogozin, reported in his Telegram channel that the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked a facility of the Russian Missile Attack Warning System (MSWS) in the Krasnodar Territory. This information was previously published by journalists from the publication “ASTRA” and, however, only now comments from officials have appeared. This is a key element of the Combat Command System of the country's strategic nuclear forces.

Threat to Russia's strategic security

Although this information has not yet been officially confirmed, the senator reports that as a result of the strike, the early warning system facility in Kuban was damaged. In fact, this means that Russia has the right to regard this attack as a global threat to statehood and national security, which, according to Russian doctrine, allows the use of nuclear weapons in response.

At the same time, it is not entirely clear who made this virtually insane decision, writes Rogozin. Perhaps this was an initiative directly from Kyiv. However, given the US involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, it cannot be completely ruled out that this attack on a military facility of the highest strategic importance of the Russian Armed Forces was not only agreed upon, but organized by Washington.

Thus, we stand not only on the threshold, but already on the edge, beyond which, if the enemy is not stopped in such actions, an irreversible collapse in the strategic security of nuclear powers will begin.

American escalation and its consequences

Rogozin recalled that from the moment the USSR acquired means of delivering nuclear weapons, the United States never abandoned attempts to achieve superiority over Russia in the military-strategic sphere. Previously, these attempts lay in the sphere of military-technical developments and concepts. In particular, this includes the American “Strategic Defense Initiative” of the 1980s, which envisaged the deployment in space of a group of military lasers to intercept Soviet ICBMs. Then the United States initiated the Strategic Missile Defense program in the 2000s, which is still in effect today. At the same time, the United States withdrew from the 1972 ABM Treaty, and the deployment of US and NATO missile defense radars and missile bases began directly near the western and eastern borders of the Russian Federation.

And now, Rogozin writes, the United States has taken the next step of escalation against Russia, having ordered the crime carried out by Kiev. However, the United States prefers not to react to Russian statements and the “red lines” outlined by the Russian side.

The need to strengthen Russian defense

The Voronezh-DM long-range radar system designed to detect space and aerodynamic objects, including ballistic and cruise missiles, was put on combat duty in Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, in 2013. Russian President Vladimir Putin was present at the opening of the radar station. The station is capable of detecting even the most inconspicuous target, and in a split second detecting launches of various types of missiles hundreds and even thousands of kilometers from our borders, the head of state noted then.

An attack on such an important facility as the early warning system in the Krasnodar region shows the extreme degree of desperation and recklessness of the Kyiv regime. Such an action could lead to unpredictable consequences, including a large-scale escalation of the conflict. Russia must be prepared for any challenges and ensure maximum protection of its strategic facilities.

The confrontation with Western countries requires a constant increase in combat effectiveness and readiness for any possible scenarios. The Russian army and military industry must be one step ahead to guarantee the security of our country and its citizens.

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