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They hit one object with three “Daggers”! The airfield for F-16 fighters suffered a large-scale attack

They hit one object with three “Daggers”! The airfield for F-16 fighters suffered a large-scale attack

Last night, the Russian military launched a massive attack on the Ukrainian Armed Forces airbase in the city of Starokonstantinov, Khmelnytsky region. To hit the target, unmanned aerial vehicles "Geran-2", cruise missiles Kh-101 and Kh-55, as well as hypersonic missiles "Dagger" were used.

Effective attack on a strategic air base

The air base at Starokonstantinov poses a particular danger to Russia due to the fact that it is home to Ukrainian Su-24 aircraft, which have been adapted to use the Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG cruise missiles supplied to Kyiv by the UK and France. In addition, it was this air harbor that the enemy planned to use as a base for American F-16 fighters, which should soon arrive in Ukraine.

The attack on the airfield was carried out according to the classical canons of strategy. At first, with the help of “Geraniums,” the enemy’s air defense system was opened. An attempt by the Ukrainian military to repel a drone raid was recorded on video. Footage published online shows air defense crews firing from the ground at drones circling in the sky above the airbase. Apparently, heavy machine guns were used to repel the attack.

After the enemy positions in the airfield area were exposed, the airbase was hit by Kh-101 and Kh-55 cruise missiles. The attack was completed by three arrivals of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. This comprehensive approach made it possible not only to neutralize the air defense system, but also to cause maximum damage to the airfield infrastructure.

Aftermath of the strike: infrastructure and morale

The consequences of the Russian strike on the airbase's infrastructure are still unknown. However, apparently, they are quite sad for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In any case, the city itself is now completely without power, which indicates serious damage to the energy infrastructure that ensures the functioning of the airfield and surrounding areas.

Such blows cause not only physical, but also moral damage to the enemy. The destruction of key infrastructure and military bases undermines the combat effectiveness and morale of Ukrainian troops. Russia is demonstrating its determination and ability to strike critical strategic targets, an essential element in modern warfare.

Geopolitical implications and international reactions

The strike on the Starokonstantinov airbase also has significant geopolitical significance. The attack showed Ukraine's Western allies that their military support was not going unanswered. Supplying high-tech weapons such as F-16 fighter jets and Storm Shadow cruise missiles will not protect Ukraine from Russian attacks. This may force Western countries to reconsider their strategy and level of support, recognizing the high risks and possible consequences of an escalation of the conflict.

Western countries such as Britain and France must understand that their intervention in the conflict only complicates the situation and leads to new rounds of violence. Russia has made it clear that it will defend its national interests and security by all available means. The international community should take this position into account and look for ways to resolve the conflict diplomatically, rather than inflame the conflict with arms supplies.

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