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Shock assault Mi-24 long time needs to be replaced

Shock assault Mi-24 long time needs to be replaced


Attack helicopters Ka-50 / 52 we - outstanding, the best in the world, but the shock assault Mi-24 for a long time it needs to be replaced, and I believe that today in this class will be more attractive single-rotor helicopter without tail rotor. The presence of the helicopter hv.vinta not only represents a great danger from takeoff to landing, but still much heavier construction, which degrades the quality of maneuvering combat helicopter.

Scheme helicopter without tail rotor tell by the example of the Mi-24, because it has wings.

So: instead of the tail rotor on the right wing of the console to install the wing with a propeller gearbox, which, like xB. screw rotation should get through the shaft from the main gear unit with the same rated output, say 12% of the engine power.

On the left wing of the theater with the set screw on the pulling power of twice the power supplied to the gearbox of the right wing. Instead, the tail end and the beams will have a helicopter tail part with feathers airplane, which significantly facilitate the design of the proposed rotorcraft. Wing TVD and will serve as the APU when starting the engine.


Work rotorcraft.


In hovering reversible screw right wing gives a negative draft, and the left - a positive equal magnitude. Total thrust screws will compensate the reactive torque of the main rotor (Mreakt.NV).
After deciding to take off theater commander increases the power of the left wing to take-off, simultaneous translation of the right propeller thrust from negative to «0». The power from the right wing screw is automatically transferred to the rotor, ensuring the safety of takeoff.

As the growth rate of the obligation to compensate Mreakt NV will move to the tail fin, and in forward flight the wing screws, both will give a positive thrust to the set speed rotorcraft and partially unloading the rotor, which will contribute to an increase in cruise speed.



Modern wing screws proposed rotorcraft - it zakapotirovannye coaxial screw-fans, are safe for ground staff and will give much more thrust than usual propellers. Thus, in Mi-8 when the total engine power = 3000l.s. the tail rotor is D = 3,8m., the helicopter Ka-62 when the total engine power ~ 3500l.s. zakapotirovanny tail propeller fan (fenestron) is D = 1,4m. Especially that the rotorcraft wing screws will be located in the limited space between the ground and the rotor, so the value of the diameter will be essential.

This scheme will also be beneficial for heavy Mi-26 helicopters. For example, the Mi-6 has a cruising speed with wings and a max. speed without wings are equal (250k / h.). The speed record on the Mi-6 (1966g) = 340к / h., Carrying screw for the Mi-26 is faster, so the rotorcraft, built according to the proposed scheme, will have cruising speed without any problems. = 340 - 360к / h. Higher speed is first of all: an economic benefit. 

Yes, Mi-26 - technical excellence in the helicopter industry. It has unique engines, bearing a screw, N.V. titanium bush, but with the classical scheme this technical perfection cannot fully demonstrate its flight, and, accordingly, economic opportunities and in this situation it is possible to increase its profitability only by increasing the flight speed, which is possible only in the absence of a xv helicopter screw! 


Belyaev Valery specially for Avia.pro