Impact plane: what is it?
Impact plane: what is it?

Impact plane: what is it?

Attack aircraft is a military aircraft model, which is designed to impact on the sea (snorkeling and is flooded) and ground targets various aircraft weapons. It is equipped with sighting and navigation system and a multi-functional weapons, including a bomber (mine and torpedo), cannon, rocket (unmanaged and managed) weapons and the means to overcome the enemy's air defense and defense.

Attack planes are divided into the following types:

  • fighter-bombers;

  • attack aircraft;

  • ASW;

  • bombers (long, front-line, strategic).

The main objective of attack aircraft - to destroy the accumulation of surface and ground troop groupings. For such purposes can be used as a special aircraft and light bomber or fighter. But the highest efficiency demonstrated a separate class of aircraft - attack aircraft. Mass is a fighter IL-2, the German infantry who nicknamed "the butcher". He had an armored shell, which reliably protects the engine and the pilot. Only the arrow is protected poorly, resulting in loss of machine gunners were seven times more than the pilots.

As for modern attack aircraft, the American model F / A-18 “Hornit” should be singled out among them. This is the main combat aircraft of the United States Naval Forces. Attack aircraft are based on special aircraft carriers, carry more than 7 tons of suspended weapons and 570 cannon shots. Since 1980, attack aircraft is in service. The implication is that Hornit is used until the end of the 2020s, when it will be replaced by modern F-35. Such a strike fighter won the competition in the 2001 for the supply of the USAF, and the deliveries themselves began with the 2011. It can take off from a short 150-meter platform and land vertically. A distinctive feature of the aircraft is the pilot’s interactive helmet. It can be clearly seen through the casing, and a virtual image of the dashboard is transmitted to the visors of the helmet. As in a computer simulator, it will give tips on how to manage and control the fight. Moreover, the helmet provides visibility in infrared light, making flying at night easier.

The functions of attack aircraft in Russia are performed by Su-39 and Su-25 aircraft. The first was developed specifically to combat armored vehicles. Moreover, its missiles are capable of hitting any target with armor up to 1. The Su-39 strikes not only enemy ground targets - there are air-to-air missiles in its arsenal. At the same time, the most likely enemy among the number of helicopters, the Apache, is destroyed at a distance of six kilometers from a single shot (90% probability).