Attacks on Ukraine today, December 5, 2022. A photo. Video.

Attacks on Ukraine today, December 5, 2022. A photo. Video.

16.01 In Odessa, an electrical substation was hit.

15.45 Explosions in the Kremenchug region. Intensive work of air defense systems is noted.

15.33 The first explosions thundered in the Kyiv region. It is reported about the work of air defense systems.

15.30 The first explosions thundered on the territory of Odessa. Local residents report damage to critical infrastructure. It is reported that the city has lost electricity and difficult access to water supply.

14.52 Powerful explosions thundered in Kremenchug and the Dnepropetrovsk region. The strikes are carried out with the use of Kh-101 cruise missiles, etc.

06.00 Explosions in the Kherson region. The explosions have been going on since morning.

02.58 Explosions in Krivoy Rog. At least six strikes are reported, followed by a major fire. According to preliminary data, the attack was carried out at the railway junction.

01.08 Explosions in Kherson. It is reported about power outages and a fire that has started within the city.

01.01 A new wave of explosions in Zaporozhye.

00.58 The strongest explosions in Zaporozhye.

00.23 Strong explosions thundered in Kramatorsk. Detonation is reported in ammunition depots. The strikes were allegedly carried out with the use of rocket weapons.

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