Attacks on Ukraine today, December 7, 2022. A photo. Video.

Attacks on Ukraine today, December 7, 2022. A photo. Video.

22.22 A blow was dealt to the settlement. Pechenegs. A strong fire started at the site of the explosion, while local residents report the discovery of fragments of S-300 missiles.

20.07 Explosions in the Chuguevsky district of the Kharkov region. Missile launches reported. What exactly was struck is not specified.

17.54 A new wave of explosions in the Kherson region and in Kherson itself. Artillery reported.

15.06 Kherson is under heavy shelling. Infrastructure damage reported.

13.05 Strong explosions are again heard in Kherson and the Kherson region. The fire, presumably, is carried out with the use of artillery.

11.38 Explosions are reported in the Kharkov region. There was no information about the shelling.

10.23 As a result of the explosions in Kherson, several buildings were destroyed.

09.23 At least two explosions thundered in Kherson.

03.08 Kyiv region attacked by kamikaze drones. According to Ukrainian information resources, explosions took place in Belotserkovsky, Fastovskaya and Obukhovsky districts of the Kyiv region. There is currently no information on damage.

01.10 A new series of attacks on the territory of Bakhmut. Attack. According to preliminary data, carried out with the use of cluster munitions.

00.39 Bakhmut received multiple blows. The latter, according to preliminary data, were applied using cannon and rocket artillery. At least 20 explosions are reported in the city.

00.35 Attacks were made on the territory of the Kharkov region. The strikes, according to preliminary data, were carried out with the use of rocket weapons, since the operation of Ukrainian air defense systems is reported.

00.13 New explosions in Zaporozhye. It is reported that a fire has started at the site of one of the strikes.

00.07 Explosion in the Dnieper. After the first series of attacks shortly before midnight, the attack on objects located in the city continued.

00.03 Explosions are reported in Zaporozhye. The attack is carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles.

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