Attacks on Ukraine today, December 8, 2022. A photo. Video.

Attacks on Ukraine today, December 8, 2022. A photo. Video.

21.52 Explosions thundered in the Kharkiv region

19.56 Explosions in Odessa and in the coastal regions of the Black Sea with Odessa. It is reported about the defeat of unknown targets from Ukrainian boats.

09.43 Kherson is under heavy shelling of cannon artillery. At least 10 explosions are reported on the territory of Kherson and the Kherson region. There are power outages in the city.

01.18 Explosions are reported in the Zaporozhye region. Information about the affected objects is not yet available. The attack, according to preliminary data, is carried out with the use of missiles.

01.11 Multiple explosions in Kherson and Kherson region. It is reported about the probable detonation of ammunition. According to local residents, a strong vibration of unknown origin is felt in the territory of Kherson

00.53 Another powerful explosion thundered in Nikolaev.

00.51 The blow was dealt to Nikolaev. A large explosion is reported, presumably in the port area.

00.19 Claps are reported in the sky over the Odessa region. Explosions were not recorded.

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