Hijacking an airplane 29.03.2016 - A320 EgyptAir last pobrobnosti
Hijacking an airplane 29.03.2016 - A320 EgyptAir last pobrobnosti

Hijacking 29.03.2016 - A320 EgyptAir latest details


Shortly after take-off, says the owner of a Dutch passport Egyptian Abdel Razek, stewardess collected the passports of all the passengers. She asked passengers not to worry, but when they asked for an explanation, then said: Plane hijacked requirement invader - the flight to Turkey, Greece and Cyprus, RIA Novosti reported.

After the pilot reported that the fuel will be enough only to Cyprus, the invader has agreed to fly to Larnaca.

In Larnaca hijacking a passenger allowed to go out to all women. The stewardess decided to talk with the invader, so he was allowed to leave the cabin for older people who became ill on board. Then she said, Abdel Razek said that the invader let all the passengers, except for foreigners.

According to neighbors, Seif al-Din Mustafa through the cabin of the aircraft, airliner hijacker behaved very quiet. After takeoff, he often left his place, excommunicated the toilet. Maybe that's where he gathered a fake suicide belts. And then she summoned a flight attendant to opening his jacket to show mounted on the body belt with wires sticking out of it.

"He did not impress an experienced criminal, rather confused person has heard that he said that he had problems with the authorities in Egypt and not with the passengers and the plane." - Described the hijacker airliners Abdel Razek.
Safe al-Din Mustafa, along with all the passengers of the flight to Cairo was a thorough inspection of the airport in Alexandria. Dummy explosives he made on board of the usual items permitted for carriage in hand luggage, stressed in the Ministry of Interior of Egypt. This is the medical bandage, paper, towels, blankets from mobile phones.

Safe al-Din Mustafa hijacker

Safe al-Din Mustafa - hijacker

Cypriot investigators conducted the first interrogation the thief A320 aircraft. They will ask the District Court to arrest eight days Seif al-Din Mustafa. The eight-day period is required for the collection of evidence and the presentation of a full charge Aircraft thief.

59-year-old Egyptian Safe al-Din Mustafa turned recidivist veteran. In his biography of several criminal cases related to theft, fraud, forgery and drug. One of his episodes of criminal activity associated with the creation of a fake company, under the cover of which he committed the crime.


A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Beirut branch in Alexandria Safe al-Din Mustafa bad versed in the intricacies of the law. However, this did not save him from imprisonment in 2010 year. During the Arab Spring in Egypt, he, along with other prisoners escaped from prison, but later repented and returned to custody in 2014 year. A year has already been officially released.

Safe al-Din Mustafa suffers from a mental disorder. He has already been called a fool in love, because, according to one version, he took a plane to see his first wife, who now lives with her four children in Cyprus.


The first reports were as follows:

A passenger plane of the Egyptian airline «EgyptAir» captured terrorists.

According to information of the news agency Avia.pro, Egyptian airliner airline «EgyptAir» undergone capture a group of unknown people - according to some sources it could be radical Islamists, however, this information is not officially commented. There is evidence that on board passenger aircraft is 62 person including 7 crew members, wherein at least one of the invaders of the aircraft is carrying a weapon.

There were also reports that one of the terrorists, at least adhere to this version of the specialists, has an explosives belt, and furthermore, an invader threatened to blow up the airliner if his demands are not met.

The Russian embassy has already reported that there are no citizens of the Russian Federation aboard the hijacked airliner. 

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