Vladimir Putin's decree on the limitation of flight officials
Vladimir Putin's decree on the limitation of flight officials

14 2015 October, at Vladimir Putin issued a decree on the limitation of flying government officials. Now, all the officials at the federal level will be able to use for overseas travel and travel services only to Russian airlines.

"On Amendments to the procedure and conditions for the secondment of federal civil servants."

The decree highlighted that officials from the signing of the decree, for business flights to the place of business trip and back should enjoy Only flights of domestic airlines. Also can use the airlines of countries included in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Exceptions are cases where the carrier has no flights to the desired point of travel.

From the standpoint of logic and accepted international practice, the decree seems to be quite logical and reasonable.

Indeed, if the servants of the people, on the budget money flying on a business trip, it is logical that public money will be invested in development of the national carrier. In the case of foreign companies, understandably, the money goes into the coffers of another country. Thus, the Russian army officials supported the aircraft of other countries.

"Army officials", is not just in everyday journalistic cliche. According to 2013 years, this is a real army of bureaucrats and civil servants, consisting of 1 455 thousand million. People.

Data is approximate. We only know that even after the reduction in 2009 year among civil servants and officials, the number remains in 1.5 times more than in the USSR, with its bloated administrative apparatus.

How this army is spending money on flights is unlikely someone is counting. And given the overwhelming desire of our servants with you, try to arrange any flight as a service or a business trip, we can only welcome the new decree.

It is hoped that this decree does not remain just another fiction, and officials will continue their hard working life in the comfort of the best companies in the world.