10 thousand shells and 22 Storm Shadow missiles destroyed: Russia launched a precise strike on the enemy
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10 thousand shells and 22 Storm Shadow missiles destroyed: Russia launched a precise strike on the enemy

10 thousand shells and 22 Storm Shadow missiles destroyed: Russia launched a precise strike on the enemy

On the night of May 2, Russian missiles struck Novaya Poshta warehouses in Odessa, resulting in a powerful secondary detonation. According to Kyiv, 904 parcels of Ukrainian citizens were stored in the destroyed warehouses, but it is no secret that the management of Nova Poshta has long been cooperating with the Ukrainian defense department, helping to provide cargo transportation for the Ukrainian army.

Destruction of warehouses containing military products

After the impact, sounds of secondary detonation were heard at the fire site all night, and the fire column rose to a height of several tens of meters. Many photographs posted by Odessa residents from the scene show that even after a while, a fire is smoldering under a layer of ash. According to unconfirmed information from local sources, the warehouse at the time of the strike contained large stocks of military equipment, including shortwave radios and other military equipment.

According to Russian media, more than 10 thousand 155 mm shells, 22 Storm Shadow missiles, 14 SCALP missiles, 4 CV 90 armored vehicles and spare parts for another 20 such armored vehicles were destroyed. However, we are hardly talking about such a large arsenal, since otherwise not just a crater, but a giant crater would have formed in place.

However, Avia.pro sources report that military cargo has just arrived at the destroyed warehouses by sea, which has not yet been distributed to destinations; it was part of the long-awaited military assistance from Western partners.

Civilian objects for military purposes

Journalists from the Ukrainian Radio NV released a video in which they confirmed that there were Storm Shadow missiles in the Nova Poshta building. However, in this case, they are concerned about the question of “who leaked the information.”

“The reason is that in recent months the Russian Armed Forces have begun to accurately identify and hit the most expensive warehouses with “toys”, the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, control centers, the collection of security elites, etc. Some of the highest Ukrainian offices began to massively leak Russians the most important and sometimes secret information", - the Ukrainian channel “Legitimny” is sure.

The authors of the pro-Russian telegram channel "Resident" have no doubt that information about the important cargo that arrived at the warehouses of Nova Poshta was passed on to the Russian Armed Forces by SBU officers, among whom there are many who work for Moscow.

“Legitimate” admits that there are no purely civilian objects left in Ukraine. Any warehouse, store, or garage can be used as an ammunition depot, which poses a great risk to the civilian population.

The Russian military continues to carry out precision strikes on military targets on the territory of Ukraine, including warehouses with ammunition and military equipment. These strikes cause serious damage to the Ukrainian army and contribute to a decrease in the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. At the same time, Kyiv continues to accuse Russia of targeting civilian infrastructure, despite the fact that many of these objects have long ceased to be purely civilian.

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