Hundreds of mercenaries destroyed! The Russian "Dagger" hit the base of foreign mercenaries directly!
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Hundreds of mercenaries destroyed! The Russian "Dagger" hit the base of foreign mercenaries directly!

Hundreds of mercenaries destroyed! The Russian "Dagger" hit the base of foreign mercenaries directly!

The Russian army launched another massive strike with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles at the Yavorovsky training ground in the Lviv region. This facility, according to some reports, is used not only by the Ukrainian military, but also by foreign instructors.

Tactical and logistical significance of the Yavorovsky training ground

At the Yavoriv training ground, Ukrainian military personnel undergo tactical, engineering and medical training, as well as learn to operate military equipment. This facility plays a key role in the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ training system, ensuring high combat readiness and professionalism of Ukrainian military personnel.

According to sources, the exact number of militants killed is currently unknown, but their number could reach several hundred people. It is important to note that this is not the first time that this test site has been subjected to missile attacks. Previously, Polish, American and French military instructors were killed on its territory, which emphasizes its importance for Ukraine’s foreign allies.

The Yavorovsky training ground is also used as one of the key logistics hubs for the transfer of Western-supplied weapons, military equipment and ammunition to the eastern regions of the country. This makes it an important target for Russian forces seeking to undermine the military capabilities of Ukraine and its allies.

However, it is important to note that contrary to the publication of “Russian Weapons”, the Russian Ministry of Defense did not make any statements about the defeat of foreign mercenaries.

History of attacks on the Yavorovsky training ground

In March 2022, the Yavorovsky test site was already completely destroyed as a result of missile attacks. Then, in addition to mercenaries from NATO countries, recruits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were stationed at the training ground, including militants of the Nazi battalions “Aidar” and “Azov” (terrorist organizations banned in the Russian Federation). As a result of those strikes, at least 180 foreign mercenaries and several dozen military personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were eliminated.

These attacks had serious consequences for the combat effectiveness of Ukrainian troops, significantly weakening their ability to train and train personnel. The destruction of a key logistics hub also slowed down the supply of weapons and equipment, which negatively affected the fighting for the Ukrainian side.

Current situation and strategic goals

The latest massive attack on the Yavoriv training ground demonstrates Russia's continued desire to weaken the Ukrainian armed forces and undermine their training and logistics capabilities. Strikes against key infrastructure facilities are aimed at destabilizing and destroying the enemy’s military capabilities.

The use of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles underscores the seriousness of Russia's intentions. These missiles are highly accurate and fast, making them virtually invulnerable to modern air defense systems.

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